Understanding The Connection Between Cocaine Use And Hair Loss: What You Need To Know

does cocaine make your hair fall out

Hair loss is never something you want to experience, but the good news is that you have several options to grow back your hair and improve your health. This method of shocking the body with a new variant of substance use can cause further stress to the body as it struggles 6 ways adult children of alcoholics struggle later in life to regulate stress chemicals and hormones. Additionally, the stimulating and focusing side effects of snorting, smoking, or injecting cocaine can lead to insomnia. Crack cocaine is highly addicting, and you can get addicted as soon as the first time of use.

  1. If you are looking for hair loss reversal, there are a few holistic ways you can reduce hair loss from drug use, grow back your hair, and regain your overall health.
  2. Drug abuse has far-reaching side effects including an obvious alteration of your appearance.
  3. LGBTQ adults are also more than twice as likely to have a substance use disorder.
  4. As mentioned above, stress can cause excessive hair loss rather unexpectedly, so getting a handle on your stress is imperative to growing back your hair.
  5. For many people who have hair loss, cocaine also leads them to eat less healthy meals.

They can have severe side effects if you aren’t careful and may not be in alignment with your recovery goals. Something as simple as a derma roller, meditation, and doing headstands can help. It’s possible to die from an overdose of crack or any other type of cocaine.

While managing your stress can feel like a daunting task, there are some simple ways you can cut back on stress. Simple ways to reduce stress include mediation, getting outside in nature, spending time with family, trying a yoga class, and focusing on self-care. While stress is unfortunately a normal part of life, you can always change your response to it. Once you are on the 8 natural cures for erectile dysfunction road to recovery, you can begin holistic hair loss treatment and the good news is, there are several ways to do so. Using LLLT, making lifestyle changes, reducing stress, are some of the best ways to hit your #hairgoals. There is limited scientific research specifically examining the effect of different methods of cocaine use (snorting, smoking, injecting) on hair loss.

What Drugs Can Make Your Hair Fall Out?

If you or a loved one have a cocaine addiction, now is not the time to wait, but to act — you could save a life. Better nutrition, regular sleeping schedules, and better life choices, such as ceasing recreational drug use, can help to promote hair regrowth. Consider seeking emergency medical attention if you experience any notable side effects while consuming cocaine, especially a potential overdose. If you want to learn more about the side effects of cocaine, click “View Gallery” below. Her work spans various health-related topics, including mental health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. In early tests, a vaccine helped reduce the risk of relapse in people who use cocaine.

does cocaine make your hair fall out

The connection between cocaine use and hair loss is multifactorial and can be attributed to both physiological and lifestyle factors. Yes, substance abuse from illegal drugs—such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and other recreational drugs—has been proven to cause hair shedding and temporary baldness. Cocaine hair loss is often caused by temporary stimuli like increased stress and malnutrition. You are likely to see the body naturally reverse hair loss once you’re in recovery. However, extended use of cocaine may have caused permanent hair loss that needs other treatments to be reversed. When your hair grows, it moves through three phases, anagen, catagen, and telogen.

What is the most important information I should know about cocaine?

Many people will wear their laser cap while meditating to help reduce stress and regrow hair at the same time. Similar to cocaine, crack cocaine also causes hair loss along with barbiturates: uses side effects and risks lung, heart, and kidney damage. Crack cocaine use also causes stress, reduced appetite, lack of sleep, and nutrient deficiencies, causing hair loss, similar to cocaine.

does cocaine make your hair fall out

Packing to be Properly Prepared for RehabThe days leading up to an individual leaving for alcohol or substance abuse disorder… Looking Outside Local Facilities for Improved Rehab ServicesYou’ve made the decision to seek treatment for substance abuse disorder. If you are ready to take the first steps toward recovery, Icarus Behavioral Health is here to help. We offer services from medical detox for cocaine recovery to inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment options. Not to mention, you would need to go to the store to purchase ingredients and consume them before they go bad. All of this is more difficult when cocaine addiction is the culprit behind your hair loss.

You deserve to get your life back. Start recovery at The Hope House.

You might be starting to see how all of these different components are connected to cause hair loss. The lack of sleep can increase your stress levels, and this can cause telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium can not repair itself if you neglect your nutrition and do not get quality sleep, which increases stress levels. As you can see, this is a never-ending cycle that directly impacts your hair and your overall health. Cocaine and hair loss can also be connected through lifestyle habits. In order to have healthy hair, your body needs quality sleep, healthy foods, and of course, proper hair care.

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Cocaine addiction can be treated through detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient counseling. Being dependent or addicted to cocaine can influence the timeframe for drug detection. This is due to how the body adapts to the use of drugs like cocaine over time, thereby affecting drug metabolism.

Bodily Stress

Tactile hallucinations are a symptom of meth addiction and consist of sensations felt in the body, like bugs crawling on your skin, and other uncomfortable sensations. Well there are a few ways that hair loss can occur when using recreational drugs. Check out our blog posts and resource links for the latest information on substance abuse. The highly addictive nature of cocaine — especially crack, as it is usually cheaper, more available, and laced with other solvents — can cause people to become addicted faster.

This helpline is answered by Ark Behavioral Health, an addiction treatment provider with treatment facilities in Massachusetts and Ohio. The drug detection time refers to the amount of time a drug screening can show if a person has used drugs like cocaine. You will need to refrain from indulging in drug addiction long-term if you want to see your hair restored to its thick and beautiful former state.

Cocaine use reduces your sleep quality by increasing awake periods and negatively impacting your REM sleep. As you continually reduce your sleep quality, your body gets less of the REM sleep it needs and also spends less time repairing your body. As you sleep, your body is busy at work releasing hormones to repair itself. However, cocaine use severely impacts this process, which in turn can cause hair loss.

The problem with repeat cocaine use is it decreases your sleep quality, reduces nutrient absorption, and impacts your hair care quality. For one, cocaine causes rapid weight loss, depriving your body of the necessary nutrients needed for healthy hair. Secondly, cocaine can cause stress-induced hair loss, known as telogen effluvium. Lastly, cocaine can create lifestyle choices that neglect the health of your hair and your body. Lastly, drug use causes stress on your body and your mental health.


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