Corporate Events

At The Warrington we offer a beautiful corporate event facility for meetings, featuring a sit-down, station, and buffet options for all of your corporate event or meeting needs.  Whether it is breakfast, luncheon, cocktail hour, meeting, or all-day affair we have the facility and technical expertise to make sure your event is executed perfectly. We maintain a wide variety of technical features in our corporate event facility to aid with presentations and seminars, including: free wireless internet, projectors, podiums, wireless microphones, audio & video equipment, and even a technical expert who can ensure that every aspect of your event goes off without a hitch. Back to photo gallery.

  • Arbor Room Nighttime Exterior
  • Corporate Banquet at Warrington Country Club
  • Arbor Room Exterior and Walkway
  • Arbor Room Tables
  • Arbor Room Bar Area
  • Arbor Room Corporate Event Space
  • Founders Cocktail Room
  • Founders Cocktail Room Tables and Bar
  • Founders Cocktail Room Tables
  • Founders Cocktail Room Bar
  • Corporate Event at Warrington Country Club
  • Corporate Banquet at Warrington Country Club
  • Founders Cocktail Room Party
  • Wedgewood Ballroom dance floor
  • Wedgewood Ballroom dance floor and tables
  • Crystal Room Fireplace