MobiDev Explains Benefits of Progressive Web Apps in 2022

Buyers can search for cars based on body type, brand, price, special offers. Sellers, on the other hand, can ask for an evaluation of their car and Carsales will take care of the rest. This is crucial for the site since OpenRent takes down listings as soon as they are let to avoid ghost ads that frustrate potential renters. Google reports that introducing PWA to MyNet’s readers influenced a 15% rise in average views per session and a 23% drop in bounce rate. Realizing that their website was not mobile-friendly (even taking more than 20 seconds to be fully interactive), the company assembled a team of five front-end engineers who worked on launching a PWA. Finally, its effective use of push notifications allow the company to acquaint its loyal fan base with superb deals and new finds.

iOS 16.4 will let web apps on your homescreen send push notifications – The Verge

iOS 16.4 will let web apps on your homescreen send push notifications.

Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

A method of setting a badge on the application icon, providing a low-distraction notification. Allows a service worker and its client PWA to establish a basic two-way communication channel. Developers can use web app manifest members to describe a PWA, customize its appearance, and more deeply integrate it into the operating system.


A very popular flight and hotel booking app in the UAE, Tajawal offers complete solutions to access more than 450 airlines and thousands of hotels for travelers. Covering almost 200 booking sites, the app works fast in terms of generating price comparisons. Users can also conveniently use the Trivago map, real hotel reviews and refer to previous searches to save time and bandwidth.

progressive web apps in 2022

Described as “Candy Crush for math geeks”, its goal is to combine blocks with the same numbers to ultimately total 2048. An official PWA version is made available at so players can get instant access from any web browser. With smooth transitions and a full-screen view, it’s hard to tell the PWA apart from its native app counterpart. Thanks to its PWA version, the platform can be used across different devices, and users can access their accounts on mobile and desktop simultaneously. Besides, learn the basics of how progressive web app development can serve your purposes. This is the way to figure out how you can combine progressive web apps trend and the growth of your business.

Features & benefits offered by PWA

Abdu Rahman is a marketing professional with over 5 years of experience. He currently heads the team at NeoITO, specializing in SaaS startups and optimization. He is known for his strategic thinking, data-driven campaigns, and experience in B2B and B2C markets. Abdu is passionate about staying updated with the latest marketing trends and experimenting with new technologies.

  • As there are numerous alternatives available, it is advisable to calculate the pros and cons of every PWA frameworks before selecting the most appropriate one.
  • Wego has now found new ways to deliver amazing user experiences on the web by creating an AMP based PWA.
  • So, they decided to convert their mobile app into a Progressive Web App.
  • Then the system provides a list of clickable cities that the user can choose to “swipe away” if they’re not interested, or book the trip instead.
  • I myself have use quite a few from them like mmt, uber, bmw and starbuck and I must say, really I like using all of them.
  • Apart from the native apps, there are several contenders for PWA, namely hybrid frameworks such as IonicJS, Cordova, React Native, and Flutter.

The new PWA experience has tripled its conversion rate by reducing page-load times by 38%. Compared with their previous mobile site, MakeMyTrip drove a 160% increase in user sessions and lowered the bounce rate by 20%. Once online, they can view location-specific pricing and place their food and drinks order. In terms of capability, PWA is able to build a complex application, as it is based on Javascript. In order to build a complex Flutter application, several widgets are required.

Business Technology Overview

This means they’d run as native-style applications on Windows 10 and be listed in the Windows Store. This would go a long way to solving the Windows Store’s application problem, as Google doesn’t want to support Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Other developers who haven’t wanted to create separate UWP apps would suddenly be able to support Windows 10 with native-style PWAs. Like the traditional web apps we use today, they’re hosted entirely on the application’s servers.

progressive web apps in 2022

The highly responsive and adaptable nature of PWAs shall hold the key to a brighter future of PWA. PWAs offer businesses an excellent opportunity to target the 65% of users who download zero mobile apps on their smartphones. By 2026, generative AI will significantly alter 70% of the design and development effort for new web applications and mobile apps. The result is a whopping 160% increase in customer sessions and a 20% plunge in bounce rate according to Google. In addition, first time shoppers were likely to convert three times more than those who used the native app before.


After transforming their old website into a PWA, their effort surely paid off. They have improved the customer experience by removing blocks on a customer journey – slow pages, hard-to-navigate structure, complicated checkout process. Overall, Debenhams enjoyed a 40% increase in mobile revenue and a 20% increase in conversions. Apart from the native apps, there are several contenders for PWA, namely hybrid frameworks such as IonicJS, Cordova, React Native, and Flutter.

According to Google, the company boosted its conversion rate by 33% and grew its users 12 times more (compared to native apps). In addition, it has tremendously reduced its bounce rate and user device storage requirements. PWAs lie somewhere between mobile applications and traditional pwa trends 2022 mobile websites, taking the best of both worlds. In their essence, these apps are websites with additional layers of development, which enable them to work as native apps. PWAs can be accessed practically from any device including mobile and desktop and can function within a browser.

The future of PWA in 2022 as compared with mobile apps

PWAs increase user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and improve conversion rates, leading to better business outcomes. The company decided to build a PWA because most of its targeted customers shop from their mobile devices and have poor internet connections. So, they decided to build a Progressive Web App to serve their users better. It helped their users get a fast mobile web experience, allowing them to use less data and improving user engagement. They took advantage of service workers to deliver reliable performance on unstable networks and push notifications for user re-engagement.

progressive web apps in 2022

Surge protectors are designed to protect against sudden voltage spikes, while voltage regulators are designed to maintain a constant voltage level in the face of voltage fluctuations. Some electrical protectors also include additional features such as noise filtering to improve the quality of the electrical signal and protect against electromagnetic interference. To deeply understand how a Progressive Web App differ from conventional responsive websites, the best way is to look at some good examples of PWAs. Jeel Patel is the Founder of Monocubed and is the main curator & writer of the content found on this site.

What are progressive web apps (PWAs)?

This technology enables the cameras to detect suspicious behaviors, such as loitering, object removal, and abnormal sound detection, and alert security personnel in real-time. As a PWA Developer, we need the community to keep pushing good blogs like this one. I jumped on the PWA Wagon years ago but sadly yet to see it evolve into the mainstream.

progressive web apps in 2022


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