Hybrid working: Guidance for people professionals

This will include areas such as demands, control/autonomy, levels of support, relationships, the individual’s role and how change is managed. It is important to find ways of minimising and mitigating risks to psychological health and wellbeing. Our previous analysis of how adaptable different jobs are to remote working also found that higher earners (including occupations such as financial managers, directors and programmers) are more likely to be able to work from home.

Most companies have turned to a “hybrid” model, with a work week split between maybe two days from home and three in the office, economists said. The pre-pandemic baseline of going into an office five days a week “is dead” for many workers, said Nick Bunker, an economist at job site Indeed. 5- 80% said hybrid work allows hybrid work from home them to live a healthier lifestyle, and nearly the same (79%) said the flexibility of hybrid work supports their fitness goals. Employers may have an expectation for staff to work excessively long hours when working from home. For some people, it may feel that there is no separation between their work and personal lives.

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You should ensure that systems, training and development are in place to support managers to enable hybrid working in line with organisational aims. People professionals should ensure that your organisation’s systems are accessible in a remote location. Hybrid workers should be supported in fully using available technology.

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Engage the team in a discussion to ensure that communication and collaboration remains effective for everyone. Think about equipment and service requirements such as laptops, internet connection, mobile phone, couriers, stationery, photocopying, printing and so on. There is no obligation on an employer to provide a computer or other equipment necessary for working at home, however employers should do what they can to enable remote and hybrid work if they want employees to be productive.

Home and hybrid working requests

A little over a quarter also reported more distractions when working from home (26%). Younger workers aged 16 to 29 years were less likely than those aged 30 years and over to report experiencing fewer distractions when homeworking. Just under a third of those aged 16 to 29 years reported fewer distractions (32%), compared with more than half of those aged 30 to 49 years (56%) and those aged 50 to 69 years (60%). Workers aged 30 to 49 years were the most likely to report hybrid working between 27 April and 8 May 2022, with 29% reporting doing so. In March 2022, those who reported working from home in some capacity were asked why they had done so.

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About 39% of new hires have jobs with a hybrid work arrangement, while 18% of new jobs are fully remote, according to ZipRecruiter. Both shares are up relative to their pre-pandemic levels (28% and 12%, respectively). That arrangement has yielded a slight boost in average worker productivity, Bloom said. For one, the average person saves 70 minutes a day commuting; roughly 30 minutes of that time savings is spent working more, he said.

Wellbeing when working from home

Mordor Intelligence reveals that employees generally want work spaces that fit better with active personal lives after an era of long commutes that took them to offices that weren’t close to gyms or workout classes. As we move into the next phase of the pandemic, companies are grappling with whether and how to bring their employees back into the office after working from home extensively. According to multiple surveys, most people want a mix of in-person and remote work, and some have said they would leave their jobs if not given that option. It isn’t just about schedules and office space — leaders need to consider inclusion, performance measurement, trust, cybersecurity, and more.

In fact, there was not just one seat – I counted about 10 free seats on my carriage. Usually you would be lucky to find standing space, so I was trying to figure out what was wrong. I soon realised that it was Friday – the most popular day for employees to work from home.


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