How to Overcome an Addiction: 16 Tips for Recovery

The addict and his family cannot always have firm hand or reprimand for falling back into old habits. It is a wiser choice to opt for rehab the very first time, instead of wasting several attempts on self treatment. Learning how to overcome an addiction is important for anyone experiencing a substance use disorder (SUD), alcohol use disorder (AUD), or behavioral addiction.

How long till you get over an addiction?

It takes a small minority of people six months of abstinence to reach the point where they don't go back to their addictive behavior. However, for most people, a commitment of two to five years is necessary to truly break the habit and solidify change.

You will not usually be sufficiently motivated to give up an addiction or habit simply because it is bad for you or because others want you to stop. But when a habit or addiction interferes with accomplishing a goal you want to attain, or something larger you are committed to, you are more inclined to beat addiction. Thus instead of focusing on what you need to quit or escape from, it is critical to focus on what you want to achieve. You do this by assuming responsibilities in work, marriage, and parenthood.

Support both inside and outside of treatment

You may also find it necessary to change your routine so that you have less contact with people or settings that trigger cravings. Once you are clear on your goal, you may still need to prepare to change. Preparations include removing addictive substances from your home as well as eliminating triggers in your life that may make you more likely to use those substances again. Having an addiction-free life is more effective when you have a source of motivation for doing so. These reasons can range from person to person, but it often involves personal growth, health, restoring relationships or a combination of all of these.

how to beat addiction without rehab

Getting down on yourself for things you did or did not do was simply no help. But any kind of can-do approach—be it cognitive, behavioral, or social—worked to shore up resistance. In other words, any technique that appeals to you can be effective, so long as the technique is empowering and not self-denigrating.

Tips for finding the best drug addiction treatment for you

It underestimates people’s ability to figure out what is good for them and to adapt to challenging environments. Addiction is a learned and ingrained habit that undermines your health, your work, your relationships, your self-respect, sober house but that you feel you cannot change. We believe that many people want an open-minded, realistic way to understand and deal with addictions—their own, their spouses’, their children’s, their friends’ and employees’.

how to beat addiction without rehab


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