How to Become a Database Developer + Salary & Career Guide

The role of an SQL developer is to develop and manage SQL databases by planning, developing, and maintaining the databases. SQL developers use structured query language (SQL) to create and modify database tables using CRUD SQL commands. CRUD is an acronym for create, read, update, delete and refers to the four operations developers perform on database tables to manipulate the data. To extract optimal value from internal and external data, the data must be organized and made accessible using systems that require both creativity and technical skill to build and maintain. You’ve probably heard the expression, “Data is the new oil.” It’s a nod to the reality that data is incredibly valuable as the fuel that drives our modern economy.

ETL allows developers to shift data processing tools from one source to another. This database certification is recognized worldwide and is one of the top certifications offered by IBM. Those who take the exam should have significant professional experience in database administration. To gain this certification, you will need to pass the DB2 11 Fundamentals for z/OS and the BM DB2 11 DBA for z/OS exams.

Database Developer Degrees

For example, if you are looking for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree, you can go to a university. However, four-year bachelor programs in computer science cover more ground. An undergraduate degree gives you time to learn other technologies and set you up for a successful career.

To secure a contract in a recognized company, you must obtain a certification from industry-recognized software providers. This is the gold standard in terms of validating your tech knowledge to potential employers. sql dba developer The goal is for students to gain highly competitive skills as junior software and data developers. If you choose to go to college, you will spend four to five years in the classroom to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Integrating databases with business intelligence software

It’s been more than 30 years now since the world’s organizations began discovering the immense value of the terabytes of data being accumulated from customers and everyday business. At the center of almost every organization’s information storage and data mining operations are the database developer and database administrator. Some organizations, particularly ones with smaller budgets and lesser databases, combine these two functions into one position. For the purposes of this discussion, we have separated them as distinct careers.

  • To avoid any misunderstanding, therefore, developers must be able to simplify complex ideas and concepts and communicate these accordingly.
  • A database developer often works in teams, usually sitting between the front end and the backend teams.
  • They are usually responsible for cataloging and organizing data into tables, specifying data types, primary and foreign keys, and other constraints.
  • Yes, you can become a database developer from home if you have the discipline required for self-study.
  • Find out the latest starting salary projections in Robert Half’s Salary Guide.
  • A database developer designs, programs, and implements database systems.
  • Some of these skills are acquired during formal education while others are learned on the job.

Bootcamps help quench the industry’s ever-growing thirst for tech professionals. If you want a hard yet fast way to become a database developer, attending a coding bootcamp might be worth it. When you’re looking for a job in database development, acing your technical interview is essential. Make sure you learn as much as you can about the company you’re applying to before the interview. You should also be ready to answer some of the most common database development interview questions. It takes between six months and four years to become an entry-level database developer.

Advance from SQL developer and beyond

Some of these skills are acquired during formal education while others are learned on the job. The three top skills every database developer should have are listed below. Information gathering and utilization is more than a growing trend.

how to become a database developer

Your study budget and potential starting salary should also be considered. An intensive boot camp program to study and train as a database developer can last up to six months. On average, you will attend five hours of remote live lectures daily, with another three to four hours spent on consolidating the information through assignments and homework. The enduring importance of Structured Query Language (SQL, often pronounced “sequel”) to database creation and management keeps SQL developers in high demand. As business strategies become ever more data-driven and companies continue to pursue digitalization, they accumulate vastly more data — which SQL helps manage and mine.


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