From the Electric-Slide to Glee: How YouTube has Changed Wedding Dances, Forever

The wedding dance– It is an intimate and elegant expression of celebration, where family and guests of the elated couple move gracefully and subdued…

Oh wait, this is 2012.

The wedding dance is an uproarious, uninhibited activity where, if choreographed to perfection, can land the bride, groom and all the participants into the Top-Ten-Most-Watched-Video of the week on YouTube.

Such is the current trend in wedding dance planning for the foreseeable future. Emboldened by the granddaddy of choreographed wedding dance videos, “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” has been viewed 76, 232, 920 times since it was posted two years ago:

Make that 76,232,921 views to date.

This is not to suggest that such wedding dance classics such as the introduction of the bridal party, the bride and groom’s first dance, and the dance that has ruined more mascara, “Daddy’s Little Girl”, are no longer acceptable at the modern wedding reception. Plenty of seasoned reception guests look forward to, nay demand, the chair dance, the money dance, the chicken dance, YMCA and Celebration.

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Royal Glamour over Tacky Hollywood – The Classy Wedding is Back for 2012

With an average of 22.7 million viewers in the U.S. bearing witness to the most anticipated wedding of 2011, it’s no wonder that Kate’s (not Kim’s) Royal Wedding has become the prominent trend-setter for wedding style in 2012. Regal glamor is in-style, tacky Hollywood is out.
Warrington Country Club Evening Wedding by Lynda-Berry

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Clearly, brides today are leaning towards grace and sophistication for their nuptials.

Other wedding trends include:

  • An intimate setting, meaning less guests and an emphasis on high quality choices in food and music.
  • Bolder, brighter centerpieces, color-blocked from opposite ends of the color spectrum. For example, tangerine balanced against aquamarine or Rose juxtaposed with shades of sapphire.
  • Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor wearing light hues, and even white (gasp!)
  • Modest gowns and long white gloves.
  • Soft and flowing hair styles, as opposed to severe updo’s.

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It is Easy Being Green (If you are Bride-to-Be in Bucks or Montgomery County)

The Green movement is everywhere—in our homes, cars, supermarkets, etc. Making the decision to “live green” and choose sustainable options is important for the survival of our planet and does not necessarily need to be abandoned on the most important occasion of your life – your wedding day!!

The Warrington Country Club, the premier Montgomery County Wedding Venue, is the perfect choice for brides hoping to make her special day Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony - Warrington Country Club“eco-chic”. A little planning can go a long way in making an indoor or outdoor wedding as gorgeous as a conventional ceremony, saving money and the planet at the same time!

Ways to incorporate earth-friendly elements into a wedding:

  • Jewelry – Consider using recycled stones and metals to craft your own original, environmentally responsible pieces. Vintage, heirloom and antique pieces are a perfect solution to brides and grooms who may not have the confidence (or inclination) to create their own pieces.
  • Attire – More and more designers are catering to environmentally conscience brides who shun single-use, bleached wedding gowns by offering eco-couture gowns made from sustainable materials. Trends towards timeless and romantic wedding themes factor perfectly in a bride’s choice of vintage gowns for herself and her bridal party.
  • Invitations – Paper used throughout the wedding cycle, such as save-the-date cards, invitations, RSVP cards, menus, sitting cards, thank-you notes, etc., creates tons of waste and requires harsh chemicals such as bleach in the manufacturing process. Many eco-conscience couples are establishing a wedding website to communicate digitally with their guests.
  • Décor – Simply reusing floral arrangements from the wedding at the reception will greatly reduce the number of flowers needed to make the big day looking and smelling beautiful. Choosing seasonal items such as sea shells, nuts, pine cones, etc., can add personality to a table and be extremely cost effective.
  • Favors – Instead of giving trinkets and chukkas that are often unwanted and quickly forgotten, choose options that reflect your eco-sensibilities such as edibles, small potted plants or soy candles.

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Outdoor Wedding Trends

Outdoor Wedding Service - Warrington Country ClubVintage wedding themes are trending for 2012. The 1920 decade has inspired our modern bride. Because the 1920′s were a prosperous era, social customs became more relaxed. Clothing styles reached a new revolution in fashion. The flapper dress and extravagant hats and headpieces make a beautiful and fun wedding idea.

  • For an outdoor wedding, consider using vintage 1920′s sun umbrellas (or parasols) for you and your bridesmaids
  • A sequined flapper dress in different colors for each one of your bridesmaids adds a chic modern edge
  • For headpieces use items such as large feathers, pearls, and birdcage veils
  • Use 1920′s inspired wedding invitations to set the tone for the entire wedding


Outdoor Weddings – Wedding Ceremony & Reception Site

Outdoor Ceremony Montgomery CountyOutdoor Weddings instead of destination weddings and wedding ceremony & reception at the same site are current trends due to today’s economic concerns. Many couples are choosing smaller weddings and spending their money more wisely. predicts destination weddings will decline or remain flat in 2012 as couples are sticking close to home for their wedding day. Choosing outdoor weddings  or all-inclusive locations to simplify and save money.

Other trends include:

  1. Keeping the guest list numbers under 150
  2.  Choosing dates in other months than the traditional June Wedding – September, August and October are on the rise
  3.  Doing it yourself flowers, invitations and websites
  4. Planning, shopping and registering online
  5. Choosing to have the wedding ceremony and reception at the same site



The Wedding Ceremony / Wedding Reception

    • For convenience and cost, more brides are choosing to have their wedding ceremony and reception at the same site.
    • More couples are color blocking by contrasting complementary bold and bright. Choosing a solid color like pink or purple for a bouquet or centerpiece and pairing it with black and white linens to create a clean formal look.

Bucks County Wedding Venue - Colored Lights Wedding Reception Trend for 2012

  • Vintage chandeliers and candelabras with crystals are in, as are candles and colored lights.
  • Couples are seeking to provide their guests with a fun laid-back personal reception.

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Wedding Trends for 2012

Happy New Year – Wishing you all the Best for 2012!

So, we are thinking that many of you have recently become engaged – Congratulations!

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2012 is All About You…All about things reflecting you:

    1. White weddings are always in – they are stylish and classic.  All white & neutral weddings with a clean & crisp feel to them. Even the bridesmaids are being draped in white!  Complete with accents of crystal, platinum or silver.
    2. Black & White rarely goes ‘out’ – but it is time to return to Vintage circa 1930’s Glamor.
    3. Less strapless, more straps & sleeves – Classic elegance will be a major theme.  Brides will be drawn to gowns that have more coverage and embody vintage inspired glamor.
    4. Pretty in pink is another theme of 2012. Pink, peonies, pearls – the prettier the better!

  1. Flowers like carnations & babies breath are making a come back.
  2. Tangerine Tango – Bold, but a great accent for a ‘pop’ of color.
  3. Personality is a big theme – all brides want their special day to stand out and be different so they are really pushing the envelope with their table decor.
  4. Desserts are Bigger – Wedding cakes will always remain a ‘staple’ – but there are other desserts like cupcake, cookie and candy ‘bars’ that will continue to be highlighted
  5. Photo Booths – looks like they are here to stay – and why not, the guests love having them.


2012 Reception Venue Trends

  1. Color Trends: Wedding Venue Trends 2012
    Taken from the fashion runway, here are the colors we see trending for 2012:
    Turquoise, Coral, Black & White, Yellow, Fuchsia, Deep Red, Slate Grey, Purple & Latte.
  2. Wedding Themes:
    All out themes – not just the color scheme.  Vintage glamor, Winter Wonderland, Beach and Garden, Ethnic influenced Celebrations.
  3. Accents:
    Taken from fashion, incorporating feathers, fabrics and metals into the wedding decor.  Jeweled accents never go out of style.
  4. Personalization:
    Professionally created personal touches such as monograms well displayed from the invitations to the wedding cake and dance floor lighting.
  5. Dessert Tables:This is a huge trend for 2012.  We’re seeing the return of the Grooms Cake or surprise him with his favorite dessert.  Small desserts continue to be popular: dessert shots, mini cobblers, truffles, and ethnic faves such as canollis. Couples want to reflect their heritage more than ever and offer guests a taste of that culture.
  6. Stations:
    Setting up stations around the room allows for traffic control and eliminates the long wait holding a plate.  They are making a permanent home as wedding reception dining options and are much more interesting than a standard buffet.

Warrington Country Club located in Bucks County also serves the surrounding areas of Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

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Turquoise, Coral, Black & White, Yellow, Fuchsia, Deep Red, Slate Grey, Purple & Latte.

A Bucks County Winter Wedding

Being a winter bride means being able to enjoy the gorgeous backdrop of white snow and the excitement of winter activities.
Bucks County Wedding Venue - Winter Wedding

  1. Black & White – is a popular trend for a winter wedding.  With guests and your entourage all wearing black, you will stand out in a sparkling white gown.  Decorating the venue with black and white will create a dramatic and beautiful contrast.
  2. Stylized Monograms – of calligraphy has become popular for the winter wedding.  Mark your invitations, favors, tableware and adorn the wedding cake.
  3. The Wedding Dress – with long gloves will be reminiscent of the fairy tale wedding in your winter wonderland theme.
  4. The Details – of a winter wedding are infinite by making use of snowflakes, icicles, bells and crystal accents to decorate the venue.
  5. The Wedding Cake – made of a tower of cupcakes decorated in blue and silver with white icing is a trend for winter weddings.
  6. Flowers – are traditional roses or calla lilies for a winter wedding.  However, fuller flowers are trending by adding bells and crystals making the blooms even more stunning.

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A Bucks County Fall Wedding

Fall is becoming a popular season for weddings. By bringing the beautiful rich colors into your wedding theme, you will set a tone of warmth and welcome.

Textures – Fall is all about texture – velvet, linen and ultra-suede add depth to your wedding décor.

Fall Flowers – Choose oranges, reds and browns for you fall wedding colors. But by adding a touch of white, they make these colors really pop.

Fall Wedding Cake – Instead of the traditional white cake, make the most of the season and think about a pumpkin cake or spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Or, perhaps for a lighter cake, maybe an almond lemon cake with lemon frosting.

Decorating – Of course, pumpkins can be used as centerpieces – but how about a cornucopia filled with fall apples. Remember, it’s harvest season so any grains like wheat and millet can help add to the atmosphere.

Centerpieces – For taller pieces perhaps willow branches and fall flowers – dahlias, sunflowers, calla lilies. If you want something a bit more formal, perhaps dark roses with the calla lilies.

Favors – Treat your guests to caramel apples, pumpkin spice soaps, or apple butter. Or how about a leaf-shaped bottle of maple syrup.

Warrington Country Club’s Award Winning Gardens can be the  perfect place for your photos.
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