Wedding Trends of 2015: What We’ve Seen at the Warrington

wedding trends of 2015Having trouble deciding on the look and feel of your wedding? Perhaps you don’t even have a theme picked out?

From centerpieces to card baskets, table seating cards to personal decoration ideas, here at the Warrington we quickly get a sense of what is trending in the wedding industry. Hopefully these ideas will spark some creativity within you for your big day!


It’s always a good idea to have a theme for your wedding, and many couples, of course, choose a theme based on their interests. For a really nice beach theme, for example, decorate with sea shells, treasure chest card boxes, and various shades of blue. The rustic chic theme has been trending lately — think burlap, wooden signs, window pane seating charts, and bird cages for cards. Downton Abbey themes with elegant and vintage decorations are also popular. What will be your theme?

Cake Toppers

Couples are steering away from the traditional kissing-bride-and-groom cake topper. Instead, cake toppers are better reflecting the couples’ interests, hobbies, and relationships with one another. A recent cake topper for a beach/boating themed wedding at the Warrington had the groom with a fishing rod, casting a line out to his bride below.  We’ve even had Mickey and Minnie Mouse for a Disney themed wedding. Find something that captures you and your spouse; it makes for a great keepsake after you cut the cake!

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Why a Fall Wedding Should Be at the Top of Your Big Day’s Wish List

Fall foliage, harvest-themed fashion, and recent renovations at the Warrington Country Club

fall weddingEven if you’re still in the very beginning stages of planning your wedding day, you’ve probably already figured out that choosing a season for the ceremony, and then a specific month, should almost certainly be the very first step of your planning process.

According to The Knot, June, August and September are three of the year’s most popular wedding day months. Which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise — the time-honored spring or summer wedding, after all, has long been thought of as a customary nuptial tradition. In some circles, it’s practically expected.

But we’d like to officially register our approval for a matrimonial trend that seems to be increasing in popularity with each new year: getting married in the gorgeously elegant season of autumn.

There are so many reasons to consider a fall wedding: The romantically crisp weather. The warm colors and flavors of the harvest season. An autumn-themed reception, complete with a roaring fireplace.

For your own planning purposes, here are a few more fall-season factors to bear in mind while putting together the details of your big day. Continue Reading Why a Fall Wedding Should Be at the Top of Your Big Day’s Wish List

2013 Wedding Trends

Alright brides and grooms, the new year is just around the corner which means your wedding could be too! If you are planning a 2013 wedding there are some things you should be looking out for in the planning process and may want to consider including.

Reception Lounge

This trend began in take off in 2012 and it’s expected to get even more popular in 2013. The reception lounge offers a little getaway from the dance floor for guests to eat, drink and mingle in a relaxed setting. The lounge is a perfect spot to feature your signature cocktail, finger foods, a photo booth, a build-your-own drink station or any table games. Definitely a groom’s favorite!

Fabulous Florals

For spring 2013 weddings, soft shades of yellows mixed with grays and lots of pastels will be included in the wedding floral decor. Come summer, get ready to see over-sized and brightly colored blooms. Also, an emerging trend will be the “just picked from the garden” look and feel with hand tied bouquets and lush, mixed centerpieces.

Extended Wedding Receptions

A growing trend in 2012 was the “after party” following the reception which included its own music, food and other specialized components. Many couples will look to continue this trend in 2013, and others will look to do a similar thing without all the extra expenses. Receptions will last a little longer so that couples can fit in all the entertainment and food they wish. Some receptions will be divided into three sections, the cocktail hour with low-key music and food, the dinner “hour” (usually two to three hours) with the expected wedding traditions, and then two to three hours of loud music and dancing for all the late-night guests.

Emerging Patterns and PrintsBucks County Wedding Trends

Everything from the popular stripes and chevron of 2012 will continue to grow in popularity, but we will also see delicate florals, bold graphic prints, gingham, paisley and even some polka dots enter the wedding scene. Not only will these looks be used in the wedding party attire, but also as accents for table runners, napkins, centerpieces and invitations.

Ready to plan your 2013 Bucks County wedding? Any wedding held at the Warrington Country Club includes help from an experienced wedding coordinator throughout the planning process. Contact us today about our special wedding packages so you can personalize your special day without going over budget!

The Only Limit is Your Imagination When Devising a Wedding Theme

Your wedding can be anything you want it to be at the Warrington Country Club. Are you considering an Arabian Nights fantasy, a 1920’s jazz-age gala, a celebration of Irish / Chinese / French / Italian / Scottish (think kilts) heritage, a take-me-out-to-the-ballgame motif, or a hunk of burin’ love Vegas-style extravaganza? Your wedding planning partners at the Warrington Country Club are prepared to make your special day an event to remember!

Theme weddings have become all the rage, as brides and grooms increasingly seek a personalized alternative to wedding-business-as-usual. Many couples who initially consider the possibility of a themed event dismiss it out of fear of botching the delicate balance between creative and tacky. Let the expert wedding planners at the Warrington Country Club assuage your fears, develop your vision fully and take the stress and guesswork out of planning the most significant event of your life!

The popularity of wedding inspired reality television has elevated the “destination wedding” to near cult status. However, in actual reality, traveling to a far-off land is often not practical for couples, or the people they want to share their once-in-a-lifetime day with. With expert planning, an exotic island, beach or even Renaissance Faire can come to you and is as close as Bucks County!

Seasonal themes are a specialty at the Warrington Country Club. You and your guests can enjoy the best of Bucks County year-round:

  • Maybe a summer family-style barbeque of grilled seasonal fair and gazpacho shooters is your speed, complete with checkered-print table linens, lush greenery and flip-flop wearing guests. Or perhaps you’re more of an elegant summer-in-Hamptons type, with a decadent meal of lobster and filet served under a canopy twinkling with outdoor lights.
  • Burnt orange, rich fabrics like taffeta and brocade, and leaves (lots of them) accent your fall wedding. Guests can enjoy a rich cream soup in a small hollowed out pumpkin shell and hot apple cider while cozying up at our fireplace.
  • Illuminate the drama of your winter wedding with sleek white décor, crystal and metallic accents and soft blue hues in the glow of candle light. Winter weddings were made for a formal black-tie event commemorated in black and white photography. A vodka luges ice sculpture is a fun and memorable way to thaw the frostiest reception guest and get the party started.
  • The soft, romantic pastels of spring may be the traditional choice; however, an all-white wedding with a surprising “pop” of fluorescent color is the trend for fashionable spring nuptials. Romance rules in the spring, so don’t hesitate to up the ante of a spring wedding with fairy-tale-esque details such as ultra-romantic attire, layers of tulle, a meadow-full of peonies and hyacinths, and a meal consisting of tasting plates of watermelon salad, sweet pea risotto and finger sandwiches.

These suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg (hum, an ocean theme in the making, perhaps?) when it comes to the endless possibilities for your theme wedding at the Warrington Country Club.

What theme are you considering for your wedding, or what interesting/unusual theme weddings have you been the guest of? Let us know!

It is Easy Being Green (If you are Bride-to-Be in Bucks or Montgomery County)

The Green movement is everywhere—in our homes, cars, supermarkets, etc. Making the decision to “live green” and choose sustainable options is important for the survival of our planet and does not necessarily need to be abandoned on the most important occasion of your life – your wedding day!!

The Warrington Country Club, the premier Montgomery County Wedding Venue, is the perfect choice for brides hoping to make her special day Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony - Warrington Country Club“eco-chic”. A little planning can go a long way in making an indoor or outdoor wedding as gorgeous as a conventional ceremony, saving money and the planet at the same time!

Ways to incorporate earth-friendly elements into a wedding:

  • Jewelry – Consider using recycled stones and metals to craft your own original, environmentally responsible pieces. Vintage, heirloom and antique pieces are a perfect solution to brides and grooms who may not have the confidence (or inclination) to create their own pieces.
  • Attire – More and more designers are catering to environmentally conscience brides who shun single-use, bleached wedding gowns by offering eco-couture gowns made from sustainable materials. Trends towards timeless and romantic wedding themes factor perfectly in a bride’s choice of vintage gowns for herself and her bridal party.
  • Invitations – Paper used throughout the wedding cycle, such as save-the-date cards, invitations, RSVP cards, menus, sitting cards, thank-you notes, etc., creates tons of waste and requires harsh chemicals such as bleach in the manufacturing process. Many eco-conscience couples are establishing a wedding website to communicate digitally with their guests.
  • Décor – Simply reusing floral arrangements from the wedding at the reception will greatly reduce the number of flowers needed to make the big day looking and smelling beautiful. Choosing seasonal items such as sea shells, nuts, pine cones, etc., can add personality to a table and be extremely cost effective.
  • Favors – Instead of giving trinkets and chukkas that are often unwanted and quickly forgotten, choose options that reflect your eco-sensibilities such as edibles, small potted plants or soy candles.

Warrington Country Club’s affordable Deluxe Wedding Package allows you to personalize your event and still be within your budget.  Contact us for more information or we schedule appointments 7 days a week so call 215-343-1630.

Outdoor Wedding Trends

Outdoor Wedding Service - Warrington Country ClubVintage wedding themes are trending for 2012. The 1920 decade has inspired our modern bride. Because the 1920′s were a prosperous era, social customs became more relaxed. Clothing styles reached a new revolution in fashion. The flapper dress and extravagant hats and headpieces make a beautiful and fun wedding idea.

  • For an outdoor wedding, consider using vintage 1920′s sun umbrellas (or parasols) for you and your bridesmaids
  • A sequined flapper dress in different colors for each one of your bridesmaids adds a chic modern edge
  • For headpieces use items such as large feathers, pearls, and birdcage veils
  • Use 1920′s inspired wedding invitations to set the tone for the entire wedding


Wedding Trends for 2012

Happy New Year – Wishing you all the Best for 2012!

So, we are thinking that many of you have recently become engaged – Congratulations!

As you are searching for a Bucks County Wedding Venue, we’d like to remind you that we have All Inclusive Deluxe Wedding Packages Available for 2012 starting at just $69.50 per person (including tax and gratuity).  Give us a call at 215-343-1630 – we schedule appointments 7 days a week.

2012 is All About You…All about things reflecting you:

    1. White weddings are always in – they are stylish and classic.  All white & neutral weddings with a clean & crisp feel to them. Even the bridesmaids are being draped in white!  Complete with accents of crystal, platinum or silver.
    2. Black & White rarely goes ‘out’ – but it is time to return to Vintage circa 1930’s Glamor.
    3. Less strapless, more straps & sleeves – Classic elegance will be a major theme.  Brides will be drawn to gowns that have more coverage and embody vintage inspired glamor.
    4. Pretty in pink is another theme of 2012. Pink, peonies, pearls – the prettier the better!

  1. Flowers like carnations & babies breath are making a come back.
  2. Tangerine Tango – Bold, but a great accent for a ‘pop’ of color.
  3. Personality is a big theme – all brides want their special day to stand out and be different so they are really pushing the envelope with their table decor.
  4. Desserts are Bigger – Wedding cakes will always remain a ‘staple’ – but there are other desserts like cupcake, cookie and candy ‘bars’ that will continue to be highlighted
  5. Photo Booths – looks like they are here to stay – and why not, the guests love having them.


2012 Reception Venue Trends

  1. Color Trends: Wedding Venue Trends 2012
    Taken from the fashion runway, here are the colors we see trending for 2012:
    Turquoise, Coral, Black & White, Yellow, Fuchsia, Deep Red, Slate Grey, Purple & Latte.
  2. Wedding Themes:
    All out themes – not just the color scheme.  Vintage glamor, Winter Wonderland, Beach and Garden, Ethnic influenced Celebrations.
  3. Accents:
    Taken from fashion, incorporating feathers, fabrics and metals into the wedding decor.  Jeweled accents never go out of style.
  4. Personalization:
    Professionally created personal touches such as monograms well displayed from the invitations to the wedding cake and dance floor lighting.
  5. Dessert Tables:This is a huge trend for 2012.  We’re seeing the return of the Grooms Cake or surprise him with his favorite dessert.  Small desserts continue to be popular: dessert shots, mini cobblers, truffles, and ethnic faves such as canollis. Couples want to reflect their heritage more than ever and offer guests a taste of that culture.
  6. Stations:
    Setting up stations around the room allows for traffic control and eliminates the long wait holding a plate.  They are making a permanent home as wedding reception dining options and are much more interesting than a standard buffet.

Warrington Country Club located in Bucks County also serves the surrounding areas of Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

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Turquoise, Coral, Black & White, Yellow, Fuchsia, Deep Red, Slate Grey, Purple & Latte.

A Bucks County Winter Wedding

Being a winter bride means being able to enjoy the gorgeous backdrop of white snow and the excitement of winter activities.
Bucks County Wedding Venue - Winter Wedding

  1. Black & White – is a popular trend for a winter wedding.  With guests and your entourage all wearing black, you will stand out in a sparkling white gown.  Decorating the venue with black and white will create a dramatic and beautiful contrast.
  2. Stylized Monograms – of calligraphy has become popular for the winter wedding.  Mark your invitations, favors, tableware and adorn the wedding cake.
  3. The Wedding Dress – with long gloves will be reminiscent of the fairy tale wedding in your winter wonderland theme.
  4. The Details – of a winter wedding are infinite by making use of snowflakes, icicles, bells and crystal accents to decorate the venue.
  5. The Wedding Cake – made of a tower of cupcakes decorated in blue and silver with white icing is a trend for winter weddings.
  6. Flowers – are traditional roses or calla lilies for a winter wedding.  However, fuller flowers are trending by adding bells and crystals making the blooms even more stunning.

Our affordable Deluxe Wedding Package allows you to personalize your event and still be within your budget.

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Briar Rose Room

The Briar Rose Room at the Warrington Country Club comfortably accommodates up to 165 guests.

Features include:

  • Traditionally decorated, the Briar Rose Room is extremely spacious and elegant.
  • Large windows allowing natural light to filter into the ballroom.
  • Beautiful stylish hand designed chandeliers add to the elegance of this ballroom.
  • The open fireplace can add to the ambiance for your Holiday Celebration.

Bucks County Reception Venue - Ballroom with Fireplace

Contact Warrington Country Club for more information, availability and pricing.

We schedule appointments 7 days a week.   Call 215-343-1630.