Second Weddings: Answers to the Top 4 Most Pressing Etiquette Questions

It’s been saidGreater Philadelphia Area Wedding Venue-Warrington Country Club that love is “sweeter the second time around”, but planning a second wedding can quickly turn sour if wedding plans get off on the wrong foot. Let the professional Bucks County wedding planners of the Warrington Country Club guide you in the best customs and practices of a second wedding — so getting hitched goes without a hitch.

Here are the most frequently asked questions of encore brides and grooms:

  1. Q: Is it appropriate for the bride to wear white?
    A: It is a myth that a re-bride cannot wear white. The beauty and freedom in the second wedding it that the bride is not bound to any particular custom or tradition. She can wear whatever looks best on her; be it ivory, cream, pink, yellow or any other color of her choice.
  2. Q: Should there be attendants?
    A: The good news for the girlfriends of the bride is that a gaggle of identically dressed bridesmaids in a row probably seems out of place at a second wedding. That’s not to say that the bridal couple won’t benefit from the supportive presence of their children, friends, family and other loved ones. One maid of honor and one best man should probably do the trick.
  3. Q: Is a big splashy event tacky?
    A: If the first nuptials for either party were a large, traditional occasion-to-remember style event, a splashy soirée the second time around may be too similar for comfort—especially if the first marriage ended badly. Furthermore, first weddings are often driven by the agenda (and wallets) of the couple’s parents, and frequently include many parent-inspired guests. A more mature couple, most likely footing their own bill, will probably desire a more intimate, low-key affair with the most important people of their choosing.This being said, the beauty of a second wedding is that there are no hard-and-fast rules. If either the bride or groom missed out on a big event the first time around and wants to celebrate large, there is nothing in the rule books that says they can’t.
  4. Q: What about the kids?
    A: Absolutely include the children to the extent that they want to be involved. The best rule of thumb is to ask the children for their input, then respect their wishes and include them as much (or little) as they want to be included. There are endless ways to include the kids: a bride may have her son walk her down the aisle or have her daughter and or new step-daughter serve as the special attendant. A son may act as his father’s best man. Lighting a unity candle all together during the ceremony is a nice touch and symbolizes the blending of two families into one. Couples can incorporate “family vows” into the wedding vows during which the parents promise to love and care for their new step children. Having the new family sit together as one unit is a nice touch at the reception. Of course gift giving, before, during or after the event is always appreciated by youngsters. The point is to make the children feel important and valuable during this important time in their parents, and their own, life history.

Planning a second wedding need not be a source of anxiety. Ask the helpful wedding planners at the Warrington Country Club for guidance in making a “re-do” into the “must-do” event of a lifetime!! Call us at (215) 343-1630.

Wedding Day Tips for the Bride

To make sure your wedding day goes easily, here are some easy tips to insure you are prepared and to minimize any impending catastrophes:Bride at the Warrington Country Club

  1. Dress the bride first. Most people dress the bride last so everyone is there to help. If plans start to run behind it will be the bride who is in a rush to get dressed. By dressing the bride first, she can get ready at her own pace, feel relaxed and have time to make any adjustments.
  2. Wear a Shirt – when you are having your hair styled on your wedding day. Many brides wear a t-shirt, and then have to struggle to get it over their newly styled hair.
  3. If you have a dress that goes over your head, put a pillowcase or a silk shirt over your head. This enables your dress to slide on more easily avoiding the possibility of ruining your hairstyle and preventing you from getting any make-up on it.
  4. Remove labels on the underside of your shoes. This can be a time-consuming job best done before your wedding day.
  5. Do not worry too much about everybody else on your day – enjoy your wedding! Do not dwell on any minor mishaps that may occur. Rather laugh at them and enjoy yourself. Remember the reason you are there is to become husband and wife.

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Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

No one wants their guests just sitting at their reception. You want everyone to have fun, laugh, socialize and all around have a memorable time. Something that is distinctive and enjoyable all at the same time. Here are our top Five that will be sure to have your guests laughing and having fun:

  1. You can rent a photo booth and some props. Get a big scrapbook and have the guests go in to the booth get pictures done place one in the book and they get to keep the other one.
  2. Have a magician there.
  3. Rent a karaoke machine and have everyone do some singing.
  4. Hire a comedian.
  5. Do the limbo.

Some fun ideas that will have you and all of your guests talking about your reception forever, and always take pictures so you have something to look back on.

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Wedding Reception Conversation Starters

Bucks County WeddingThere is a long list of conversation starters out there from Guestbook to Fill-in-the-Blank. Our favorite, however, is a Song and Dance Starter.

Instead of numbering the tables, designate a song title to each one. When that song is played, the entire table gets up and dances. Have your band or DJ play these songs throughout the reception and then ask the guests at that table to hit the dance floor. Print the titles on card stock and place at each table for this ‘Table Dance Game’ then have the DJ incorporate these songs into the play list. You may want to consult with the band or DJ for songs they find to be ‘surefire’ dance songs.

These and other conversation starters are shown in detail at

Wedding Reception Venue Checklist

When we talk of a Checklist, we refer to a list of things that concern the choice of your wedding venue. Perfect weddings do not happen by chance but because all of the preparations were thought out in great detail.

Things you should never forget to consider:

Bucks County Wedding Venue - Outdoor CeremonyWedding Venue Budget

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and do everything to recreate that dream. Unfortunately, this could cause great devastation to your finances. So go easy and see if your dream wedding venue, in addition to all the other wedding considerations, truly fit your budget. You need to make some tough decisions.

Battling unwanted weather through preparation

You should also be prepared for any weather mishaps. Often couples become so wrapped up with the many wedding details that they sometimes forget simple things like considering the weather. Create alternative plans if the weather does not go like the way you want it.Bucks County Wedding Venue-Decorated Ballroom

Scheduling and Dates

Date is an important factor for making any event successful.

Supplies, Props, Equipment

When you are working with your planner you should check availability of a list of needed supplies and equipment.

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First Things First When Planning Your Wedding

Top Things you need to do when you first get engaged:

  1. Plan an engagement party
  2. Pick your wedding date
  3. Set your budget
  4. Find your reception site
  5. Find a Wedding Dress
  6. Make a Wedding Website
  7. Start a Guest List

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Any wedding held at the Warrington Country Club includes an experienced, knowledgeable wedding coordinator who will assist you, your family and guests in having a trouble-free memorable day.

Planning Your Bucks County Wedding

Planning weddings ranks at the top of the list as one of the most frightening and exasperating jobs. A wedding is a very special event that deserves all the excitement and planning. The success of your wedding relies on the planning put into it. This is not an overstatement – the quality of your wedding planning will show in the results. Your wedding will be remembered and talked about for several years. The blending of two families with different background and viewpoints make wedding planning even more complicated than ordinary planning tasks. You cannot go around and “throw” a wedding without concern to the smallest details. The pressure and work associated with wedding planning is just too much for most couples. Consequently, many resort to hiring a wedding planner – an expert to take care of the job. However, if you simply cannot afford the rate of most wedding planners in this economic crunch you can plan your own wedding, save a ton of money and handle to keep yourself together. The best way to do this is to have wedding checklists. This will keep you organized and maintain your sanity as you go along.

Your wedding checklist needs to cover the days before and after the wedding day. Most planners are inclined to place importance on the wedding day but fail to give enough pre and post wedding preparations. Your wedding preparations should include the crucial days before and after the actual wedding.

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