Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venues in Bucks County

Bucks County is a scenic destination and to compliment this idea, The Warrington has added five manicured acres.  On the property, you will find the perfect location to host your intimate outdoor wedding ceremony in either the Arbor or Crystal Gardens.

The gardens are maintained all year around and are set up for a stunning floral landscape in early Spring for beautiful Spring ceremonies.  Each private garden is equipped with a decorative Arbor and the instantly gratifying stone walkway for those “walks to remember” down the aisle.  Each of these enhanced areas of the property are just steps away from the cocktail hour that follows, and is full of picturesque locations.


The flow of you and your guests event experience commences with the Arbor Gardens.  Whether you are hosting your ceremony here or having your guests directed through the floral walkway toward the start of your cocktail hour, the view is nothing short of memorable.  Guests often use this area to begin documenting their evening with photographs accompanied by all the wonderful backdrops.  The area can fit up to 300 guests for a private wedding ceremony or outdoor cocktail hour.  It is kept intimate through the large Arborvitae and Cypress trees surrounding the gardens colorful floral displays.  The stunning stone walkway fit for the bride is the perfect addition to ceremonial photographs.  When the sun goes down, the backdrop transforms into a glistening garden with accent lighting and starry lights circling the tall trees.

outdoor wedding ceremony bucks county

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Winter Wedding Trend: Rustic Wedding Chic

Wedding Venue Bucks County PAMade popular a few years ago by what was called an “anthropologie” style wedding, vintage rustic weddings now have become popular choice among brides and grooms. Less “fussy” than other wedding themes, inspiration for a rustic, country or vintage wedding can be found in a number of places, most notably, nature itself.

From the shabby-chic-style wedding to the more flea-market-style wedding, a rustic wedding can be particularly stunning during the winter months because these weddings showcase the natural beauty of their surroundings. Mixing unexpected seasonal elements with elegant neutral details, with a hint of sparkle and sequins, can create a winter rustic wedding that is full of surprises!

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Choosing an Outdoor Ceremony

So, you are in the process of planning your special day and haven’t yet picked a wedding venue? This decision can be very difficult, especially if you are only considering the traditional options which can be limited. Many brides and grooms focus too much on traditional church ceremonies, and forget about some of the more modern ideas like outdoor ceremonies. An outdoor ceremony in Bucks County provides so many benefits for you, your guests and the memories of your special day.

Outdoor Ceremonies Warrington Country Club

Beautiful Scenery

Of course one of the biggest advantages of an outdoor wedding is the unique scenery. If you plan your wedding reception in a beautiful garden, your view will be full of colorful plants and flowers. Our Award-Winning garden is full of lush floral accents that create the perfect setting for an outdoor ceremony. Other outdoor ceremony settings like rustic forests, sunlight beaches and serene mountains make for all memorable ceremonies. Just keep in mind the season you plan your wedding in and what the weather will be like for you and your guests. Most wedding venues will go over what the alternative plan will be if there is unfortunate bad weather.

Perfect Photos

There’s nothing like natural sunlight and a light breeze to make your wedding pictures even more beautiful. Just make sure you hire a photographer that is experienced in shooting outdoor ceremonies with variable light. No matter how the sky looks on your special day, a skilled photographer will know just how to capture the beauty of the scenery within your photos.

On-Site Decorations

A major component of planning a wedding is the decorations. Fortunately, if you choose an outdoor ceremony you have so many natural resources. Nature will provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding venue, with not much else needed.  Also, other decorative components like a gazebo, trellis or water fountain will add an extra touch to the ceremony decor.

Relaxed & Intimate Setting

An outdoor wedding creates a more relaxed feeling compared to that of an indoor church wedding. Your guests will feel more comfortable and will be able to be social with others allowing them to enjoy the overall experience that much more. Also, if you are planning for a smaller wedding reception, garden weddings are an ideal, more intimate choice. They are generally designed for smaller weddings and your guests will be able to hear and see the ceremony much easier.

Transforms Easily  

An outdoor location not only provides a perfect setting for the ceremony but also for the cocktail hour or reception following afterwards. This allows the guests to relax more and not have to worry about where they need to go following the ceremony. Not to mention, it is one last venue or space you need to book for your celebration.

­Looking to plan an outdoor ceremony in Bucks County? The award-winning gardens at Warrington Country Club provide a picturesque backdrop for any couple looking to plan their day outside.

A Summer Outdoor Wedding Can Be a Dream-Come-True, With Advice from the Professionals at the Warrington Country Club

An outdoor summer wedding in Bucks County can evoke many romantic images. Bright and cheerful flowers arranged simply in vases filled with lemons and clementines, a bountiful menu Bucks-Montgomery County Wedding - Outdoor Ceremonyoverflowing with refreshing fruit and fresh vegetables, easy-breezy gentlemen sporting linen suits and perfectly manicured ladies in hot-pink sundresses topped off by wide-brimmed straw hats enjoying a cool cocktail. Sleeveless bridesmaids going barefoot and the stunning bride, wearing an elegant high-low dress (long and dramatic in the back, short and cool in the front), taking her vows as the orange sun sets behind her.

Or it can be a hot, sticky event from you-know-where.

Summer is a popular time for weddings, with approximately 37% of all weddings in the US taking place in the months of June, July and August. And, as the aforementioned summer dream wedding illustrates, summer can be a delightful time to host this most precious event. A summer wedding is not without its perils however and must be planned with the utmost care, and with the assistance of a professional, experienced with the special needs of a summer event. The staff at the Warrington Country Club are such professionals. They are knowledgeable about the planning and execution of the perfect outdoor summer wedding.

Here are a few tips to consider for a flawless outdoor summer wedding:

  1. Make a point to inform guests that lighter clothing is acceptable attire.
  2. Sunscreen is important every day, but on such a monumental day as your wedding, you will want to take extra precautions. You and your wedding party should experiment with different brands of sunscreen well in advance in order to find the correct brand that is non-greasy (to protect clothes as well as skin), non allergenic, does not have a strong aroma that could compete with the flowers (and other bridal party members) and sufficiently protects exposed skin over many hours.
  3. It goes without saying that summer is the busiest vacation time of the year. Save-the-date cards are vital when planning a summer wedding. Send out these announcements at least six month (preferably a year) in advance.
  4. Be mindful of the effects of heat and humidity on hair. Relax and let hair be hair!! Encourage your bridal party to plan a hairstyle that compliments their hair’s natural inclinations. Wavy hair will be even wavier and straight hair will want to fall flat in the heat and humidity. Advise anyone who cannot bear the thought of letting their hair be hair to consider an updo. A professional hair stylist and craft a style that is virtually impervious to any weather!
  5. Summer weather notoriously goes from sunny to stormy and back to sunny again in a matter of hours (sometimes minutes). Make sure there is adequate cover/protection should a summer storm suddenly blow in. Have decorative umbrellas available for guests should conditions unexpectedly turn soggy.
  6. Most importantly: remember that if it does rain on your big day—your marriage will be blessed with good fortune for a lifetime!

Contact us for more information on your Wedding in the Award Winning Gardens of the Warrington Country Club, or call 215-343-1630.

Outdoor Wedding Trends

Outdoor Wedding Service - Warrington Country ClubVintage wedding themes are trending for 2012. The 1920 decade has inspired our modern bride. Because the 1920′s were a prosperous era, social customs became more relaxed. Clothing styles reached a new revolution in fashion. The flapper dress and extravagant hats and headpieces make a beautiful and fun wedding idea.

  • For an outdoor wedding, consider using vintage 1920′s sun umbrellas (or parasols) for you and your bridesmaids
  • A sequined flapper dress in different colors for each one of your bridesmaids adds a chic modern edge
  • For headpieces use items such as large feathers, pearls, and birdcage veils
  • Use 1920′s inspired wedding invitations to set the tone for the entire wedding


Outdoor Weddings – Wedding Ceremony & Reception Site

Outdoor Ceremony Montgomery CountyOutdoor Weddings instead of destination weddings and wedding ceremony & reception at the same site are current trends due to today’s economic concerns. Many couples are choosing smaller weddings and spending their money more wisely.

TheWeddingReport.com predicts destination weddings will decline or remain flat in 2012 as couples are sticking close to home for their wedding day. Choosing outdoor weddings  or all-inclusive locations to simplify and save money.

Other trends include:

  1. Keeping the guest list numbers under 150
  2.  Choosing dates in other months than the traditional June Wedding – September, August and October are on the rise
  3.  Doing it yourself flowers, invitations and websites
  4. Planning, shopping and registering online
  5. Choosing to have the wedding ceremony and reception at the same site



Wedding Reception Venue Checklist

When we talk of a Checklist, we refer to a list of things that concern the choice of your wedding venue. Perfect weddings do not happen by chance but because all of the preparations were thought out in great detail.

Things you should never forget to consider:

Bucks County Wedding Venue - Outdoor CeremonyWedding Venue Budget

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and do everything to recreate that dream. Unfortunately, this could cause great devastation to your finances. So go easy and see if your dream wedding venue, in addition to all the other wedding considerations, truly fit your budget. You need to make some tough decisions.

Battling unwanted weather through preparation

You should also be prepared for any weather mishaps. Often couples become so wrapped up with the many wedding details that they sometimes forget simple things like considering the weather. Create alternative plans if the weather does not go like the way you want it.Bucks County Wedding Venue-Decorated Ballroom

Scheduling and Dates

Date is an important factor for making any event successful.

Supplies, Props, Equipment

When you are working with your planner you should check availability of a list of needed supplies and equipment.

Warrington Country Club has affordable all inclusive wedding packages to fit your budget.

The experience, professionalism and friendliness of the staff at Warrington Country Club assure you the ultimate in food quality, exquisite service and flawless coordination of all the details on your special occasion.

Contact us for more information on selecting us as your wedding reception venue or Call 215-343-1630.


Personalize Your Wedding

In one week the hugely anticipated wedding of this century will be seen by an anticipated Two Billion Viewers. And though it’s still a week away, it is already setting the tempo for weddings in the months to come.

The word is the traditional wedding is back. From beautiful romantic dresses, romantic flowers, and traditional cakes, wedding couples are back to that original wedding feel.


Lynda Berry Photography

Royal purple seems likely to be the color of the year. This bold and vibrant color will accent well in the Wedding Photos.

Our belief is a wedding should be exactly what you want it to be and should be all about your personal touches. Make your wedding day all about the 2 of you. Personalize and you will have no regrets when you look back at your Wedding Photos.

Any wedding held at the Warrington Country Club includes an experienced, knowledgeable wedding coordinator who will assist you, your family and guests in having a trouble-free memorable day.

Photo Courtesy of Lynda  Berry  Photography

Warrington Country Club’s Top 5 Wedding Trends

Below are some trends we are seeing for our Bucks County Weddings. See what you think:

Outdoor Ceremony in our Lovely Gardens

Outdoor Ceremony in our Lovely Gardens

  1. Receptions “Gone Green”. Brides are adding earth friendly favors like wildflower seeds or donating to eco friendly charities in place of favors. Taking steps to lessen their carbon footprints, many Brides are having outdoor ceremonies and replacing plastic or glass centerpieces with pots of fresh plants and flowers. The centerpieces can then be gifts to your guests.
  2. Couples are using their family heritage as a theme to define their wedding by going back to the family traditions and incorporating the basics into their wedding. Popular themes we’ve seen have been the Irish wedding – with a pub at the reception and Jordan almond favors and cookie trays for the Italian wedding.
  3. Two wedding dresses. Some brides are choosing a traditional formal wedding dress for the ceremony and pictures and then changing into a shorter formal or tea length dress for the reception, leaving her tiara in her hair and taking off the veil.
  4. Splashes of color. Weddings have traditionally followed a neutral color scheme of solid ivory or white flowers. The latest trend is to use a color that pops in your wedding pictures by adding colorful bouquets for the wedding party and the reception tables.
  5. Writing your own vows is a trend that has been carried on. Couples need to say what they feel instead of repeating vows written by someone else many years ago. Write your own vows to give you a time to reflect on your relationship and marriage.
Remember your booking at Warrington Country Club includes
your own Personal Coordinator to the Wedding Party & Guests
through the Entire Reception?

A Wonderful Wedding Day

My wedding was on October 30th and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful day. Everything was exactly what my husband and I had planned. You helped make our wedding day so special and I know we will never forget it. We just got some pictures back and the outside looked beautiful for the ceremony. Again I’m sorry it took me a few months to send you this thank you, but we wanted you to know how happy our wedding day was at the Warrington County Club!!

Thanks Again for everything!! Please thank Art for me too!!

Thanks again
Regina Fries