Warrington Country Club Wins at Summer Bucks Beautiful Garden Competitions

Warrington Country Club has received 1st place for Container Gardens and 2nd place for Business Gardens at the Buck Beautiful Gardens Competition for Summer 2011.

Warrington Country Club has recently won an award for their wonderful gardens in the Bucks Beautiful Sumer Garden Competition. They have been awarded 1st in Container Gardens and 2nd place in Business Gardens. These beautiful gardens provide a picturesque backdrop for the many brides that utilize Warrington Country Club for their Bucks County wedding.

The Bucks Beautiful Awards are part of an initiative to encourage the ‘Greening of Bucks County’ and are held seasonally in spring, summer, and fall. The gardens are judged by a group of experts, all of which are established gardeners or professionals in the area. The categories judged are business garden, community garden, children’s garden, and individual garden. The types of gardens eligible are container gardens, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, water gardens, and combination flower/vegetable gardens.

Warrington Country Club has been creating memorable weddings for over 25 years. Located on 5 acres in beautiful Bucks County, Warrington Country Club is conveniently located to service surrounding Montgomery County, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Visit their website, warringtoncountryclub.com, for more information on a Bucks County wedding.

The experience, professionalism and friendliness of the staff at Warrington Country Club assure you the ultimate in food quality, exquisite service and flawless coordination of all the details on your special occasion.

Warrington Country Club Receives Prestigious PA Horticultural Society Award

Warrington Country Club has recently been awarded the Community Greening Award in Warrington, PA for their beautifully maintained gardens. Warrington Country Club GardensThe award was given on behalf of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful campaign, to businesses that promote and protect Pennsylvania’s natural and community environments. It recognizes those who have a made a difference by planting and maintaining quality green spaces that are open to the public.

Warrington Country Club is located on five acres in beautiful Bucks County and has been a memorable wedding venue for over 25 years. Conveniently located, Warrington Country Club also serves the surrounding areas of Montgomery County, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Warrington Country Club offers two inside areas and beautiful outdoor grounds for capturing wonderful portraits. Their outdoor garden is the perfect setting for ceremonies or cocktails.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1827. Under the leadership of Drew Becher, PHS provides great events, activities and publications for novice gardeners, experienced horticulturists, and flower lovers of all ages. Read more about PHS at www.pennsylvaniahorticulturalsociety.org.

For more information on Warrington Country Club or to book the venue, visit www.warringtoncountryclub.com/.

Bucks County Early Summer Like Wedding

Brides who had their Bucks County Wedding the week of March 19 ended up having a summer wedding.

The sap is running and that motivates, Ron, our gardener extraordinaire, to make sure our brides see Spring busting out all over. He planted over 400 pansies in our outdoor ceremony/cocktail garden. He’s also raving about the magnificent daffodils already in bloom thanks to all the bulbs he planted in the fall. He says the tulips will be open in the next few weeks.wcc gardens

Ron’s artistry provides a feast for the senses. What is amazing is his ability to adapt to the changing seasons
and transform the uniqueness of the garden with each season. The photo ops are amazing for you and your photographers.

Heck, you can easily find a good excuse for having a cocktail garden party!