7 Wedding Trends For a 2014 Bucks County Wedding

So you’ve recently gotten engaged?! Congratulations, and welcome to one of the most exhilarating times of your life! There are so many decisions ahead, both large and small, that sometimes it may feel overwhelming. This is where having a wedding planning partner like those at the Warrington Country Club can be an invaluable resource.

Food, decorations, entertainment and more – the experienced, knowledgeable wedding coordinator from The Warrington Country Club will assist you in coordinating a trouble-free memorable day.

Every wedding, like the bride, is unique, and will work hard to let you’re your individuality shine. The following are just a few upcoming wedding trends to help make your day an once-in-a-lifetime standout:

Gold Flatware1. Formal: Think black tie and full-length gowns for the couple, family and guests. Crystal glass wear and gold silverware and shiny chargers grace the tables. Gleaming chandeliers cast a perfect glow over the your perfect event.

2. Funny: Add color and interesting poses to your wedding photographs! Make sure you have tonnes of moustaches, luscious lips and top hats to finish off your theatrics. Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular. Choose props that translate into design ideas you can use throughout your wedding stationery, table decorations and to make the basis for your wedding theme.

Bright Color Chevron Pattern3. Colorful: Use bright, almost fluorescent hints of color on a base of neutral shades. Zigzagging patterns, known, as “Chevron” is a hot trend. This spikey design looks fabulous on napkins, table runners, in bridesmaid accessories and of course on your wedding invitations.

4. Pet-fabulous: Pets are like family − and there’s no way family is staying behind on your big day! More couples are finding unique ways to include their pets in their wedding ceremonies by giving them wedding party roles. Cats and dogs are popping up at weddings dressed for the occasion or posing for photos that appear on invitations, save-the-dates and thank you cards.

5. Cake in a Jar: The season’s hottest, tastiest trend in favors.

Instagram Icon6. Give Your Wedding A Hashtag: Encourage your guests to take lots of photos at the wedding and then post them on Instagram using a hashtag that’s unique to the celebration. Everyone, even those not in attendances, can follow-along!

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