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Catering at the WarringtonThe Warrington Country Club is your ideal wedding venue because it combines the highest-quality food with the best environment for your ceremony and reception. Our food and gorgeous outdoor locations complement each other perfectly.

The menus at our wedding venue are created by Executive Chef, John Smola, who takes a great deal of pride in his excellent food and furthers our commitment to quality. John has been an executive chef for over 16 years and his talents, state-of-the-art techniques, and kitchen management skills are boldly displayed at every event at The Warrington. Before joining Warrington, Smola studied in New York at the Culinary Institute of America and honed his talents at such prestigious establishments as the Clinton Inn Hotel (Tenafly, NJ), Pen Ryn Mansion/Belle Voir Manor (On the Delaware River in Bensalem, PA), Chef Tells Grand Old House (Cayman Islands, B.W.I.), and Concepts by Staib-Shula’s Steak 2 (Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL). He has also been recognized by Catersource Magazine and Brandywine Magazine for his culinary achievements and creating elaborate displays, elegant events, and the best entrée. All food at The Warrington is freshly prepared using the best ingredients with John’s special attention to the perfect fusion of color, taste, and presentation. Continue Reading Experience the Warrington!

Spring Events at the Warrington Country Club

Weddings, brunches, and more! No matter your special event, we have you covered

Mother's Day FlowersSpring is here and a season of new events has begun for the Warrington Country Club. We are kicking things off with the “Perfect Match” wedding event. Then we will help you treat your mother to the brunch of her dreams with our annual Mother’s Day Brunch. We will also profile our phenomenal executive chef, John Smola.


Finding the Perfect Match

The Perfect Match wedding event will be hosted at the Warrington Country Club on Tuesday, May 27. Perfect Match is an opportunity for local couples to win gifts and services for their upcoming nuptials. The event will also feature local wedding vendors, many of whom are donating gifts of their services to one lucky couple. Couples can sign up online to attend as members of the audience. Six couples (in each round) will be randomly selected from the audience to compete for the Perfect Match grand prize. These 12 couples will compete across a series of 2 rounds, along with a final bonus round. The ultimate goal is to be the couple that knows the most about one another. Everyone will get into the fun as couples find out how much they really know about each other. The couple with the most points wins the grand prize. Last year the total value of the services won as prizes was over $12,000. Prizes this year are expected to be similar. Continue Reading Spring Events at the Warrington Country Club

Wedding Trends: Colors for 2014

BrideThe Warrington Country Club is one of Bucks County’s premier wedding caterers and foremost event planning specialists in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Philadelphia and New Jersey.  Located on five scenic acres in beautiful Bucks County, PA, The Warrington is the perfect place to turn your vision into a reality, with the picturesque setting, contemporary but elegant facility, freshly prepared food, and dedicated staff.

If you are planning a 2014 wedding, it might be helpful to know the 2014 wedding color trends. When planning such a significant event as a wedding, it is important to remember that color and style is a personal choice, and one’s individual favorites must be considered above all else. However, the knowledge of trends can help brides and grooms plan a wedding that is current, fresh, and visually exciting.

The following are the latest in color trends for 2014:

  • Blue

Known as the “co2014 Wedding Trend Color - Royal Bluelor of trust”, rich hues of blue are the predominant color for 2014 weddings. Expect richer blues such as navy, cobalt, royal and midnight blue to overtake lighter hues of teal and turquoise in popularity.  Strong and bold, these blues are particularly striking in combination with white, gold, silver, purple, raspberry, fuchsia or red—all perfect for a winter wedding.

The uniting of royal blue and white will be the leading combination in wedding décor, as well as couture. Consider surrounding the dance floor with dazzling blue lighting and glowing candles to help create that romantic winter wedding wonderland!

  • Grey2013 Wedding Trend Color - Grey - Silver

Playing off the dominant rich blues, look for the attractive pairing of magenta or deep purple with light pink, creating what will be called “elegant blush” in 2014. Ice blue combined with grey, jade green or silver could also be in demand. This unique combination will give a contemporary ambience not only to a wedding dress or groom’s suit, but will add particular elegance to the bouquets and table centerpieces for a winter or spring wedding.

  • Green

2013 Wedding Color Trend - Mint GreenAs the interest in nature and ecology increases, the popularity of green is ever rising. The classic range of greens, such as pale chartreuse and avocado, will still be popular, but the color of mint (especially paired with peach) will be particularly popular in 2014.

No matter what colors you choose, we understand your wedding is of the utmost importance. The event designers of The Warrington Country Club will personally guide you through every step of the wedding planning process, ensuring that the bridal couple has a perfect and memorable day.

Brides and grooms find the complimentary assistance of our experienced, knowledgeable wedding coordinators to be a priceless addition to the event planning services that we offer.

Contact one of our event managers at the Warrington Country Club today at 215-343-1630, or email us

Holiday Party Planning Starts at The Warrington

Banquet Hall - Holiday Party PlanningFrost on the pumpkin is a clear indicator that temperatures are plunging outside, just as holiday party planning is heating up at the Warrington Country Club. Don’t let the presence of trick-or-treaters distract you – holiday party planning is in full swing at The Warrington!

The Warrington Country Club is the perfect venue for a holiday office party, as well as your private party for family and friends. With the recent addition of our elegant new Arbor Room, featuring sweeping views that overlooks a dramatically lit landscape, newly renovated restrooms and refurbished ballrooms, party planners throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties have more choices than ever for creating a special event for their yuletide guests.

Warrington Country Club New Addition - Arbor RoomThe sophisticated and newly refreshed facilities aren’t the only reason to choose the Warrington for your holiday party. The experienced and dedicated staff, including the talents of Executive Chef, David Harley, sets The Warrington head and shoulders above other venues. Our experienced event planners takes the pressure off of you by managing every detail of your affair, guiding you through every step, answering any question, and ensuring you a stress-free and perfect holiday celebration!

 Tips for planning the perfect holiday party:

  1. Choose the date and pick the venue

This should be the first thing one must do when hosting a holiday party. Requesting a date is easy at The Warrington. Just visit our website or call 215-343-1630 to speak to one of our event planners.

  1. Make the guest list

Once you have settled on the date, its time to develop the guest list and, like Santa himself, check it twice. Consider inviting people who may not know each other so there are new faces for people to start up a conversation with, or arrange seating that will encourage mingling. Send out a “save the date” invitation ASAP so your guests can plan to attend your event first, before other offers come rolling in. Give them something to talk about and make them anxiously await YOUR party.

  1. Pick the menu

The Warrington catering services offers sit-down, station, and buffet menus for any type of special event. We specialize in fresh quality food, boldly displayed, with the perfect fusion of color, taste, and presentation.

4. Use the internet for inspiration

The seemingly infinite information found on blogs and websites provides access to creative ideas to discuss with our planners. The event team at The Warrington has started a Pinterest page  to provide you with some inspiration to get you started. We invite you to follow us for the latest trends in professional event planning, gourmet food, elegant décor, and more!

Whether you’re hosting a jolly office luncheon, a merry client dinner party or a festive yuletide gathering with colleagues, The Warrington will make sure your holiday event shines brightly. Visit our website, email or call us at 215-343-1630 to start planning your memorable holiday party today.

Benefits in Hiring a Professional Catering Service

When looking to plan your wedding, birthday party, or any other celebrations in Bucks County Pa, providing your guests with the highest quality food is one of the most important steps in the planning process. A hired catering service can determine which foods your guests prefer, as well as what’s appropriate for your special event and how to successfully plan a meal for a large group of people. There are many benefits in hiring a catering service to handle the food and serving for your event.Warrington Country Club Catering Services

The biggest benefit is that they fully manage the entire food portion of your event so you don’t have to. They plan the menu, execute the dishes, provide servers to distribute them to your guests and take care of the cleanup afterwards. Depending on what type of catering company you hire, they may prepare the food somewhere else prior to your event and bring it to your venue, or  with a catering service like Warrington Country Club offers, will prepare all the food onsite at the time of your event. This type of catering service ensures quality, fresh food and quick service. Not to mention, with experienced staff and servers, onsite caterers can answer any questions about the food that you or your guests may have.

A professional catering service specializes in creating customized menus for their clients. A caterer will sit down with you and discuss all of the meal options, and pricing beforehand so you can decide on a package that is appropriate for your event. Usually your guests will have different tastes and preferences, so it’s important that you provide several selections for each menu course. Depending on the type of event you are having, you may choose a sit-down meal, buffet-style and/or hors d’Oeuvres beforehand. The benefit of having a catering service is they can help you design the menu to fit your needs while providing a quality service to your guests.

Warrington Country Club provides customized menus that are available either a la carte or buffet-style for any events held at our Bucks County venue. Our experienced staff will help you pick and choose the appropriate items that will meet your needs and bring it all together into a package you can afford. Take a look at our list of menu options, and contact us to discuss any questions you may have about our catering service for any of your planned celebrations. We will make your special event as worry free as possible.