5 Ways to Personalize your Bucks County Wedding at The Warrington

You’re preparing for the moment.  That time when your names are formally announced, and you enter your party.  The first dance and kiss as newlyweds surrounded by friends and family.  The moment the wedding cake is cut.  There are so many memorable moments in this event for you and we want you to be able to customize it.  Here are five ways every bride and groom can customize their wedding at The Warrington, and it is all included.

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Be a part of Something Local & New | Wedding Venues in Bucks County

Wedding Venues in Bucks County

If you’re on the hunt for wedding venues in Bucks County, then consider giving the Warrington a visit! Throughout the year, we host many special events that allow people to see our facilities and test our food.

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Elegant Bridal Expo and Valentine’s Dinner Coming to The Warrington

Bucks County Bridal ExpoWhat’s new and exciting in Bucks County?  In a rural market saturated with rustic venues, the Warrington stands out as a one of a kind cosmopolitan retreat.  We have paired modern cooking techniques with contemporary design and they all can be enjoyed at our Valentine’s dinner or the Elegant Bridal Expo we will be hosting in March.  The allure of the city has found intimacy in the suburbs with the Warrington and it comes with additional amenities such as on-site parking!  That is o-n-s-i-t-e  p-a-r-k-i-n-g.

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The Allure of the City is now in your Backyard

bucks county weddings

Anyone who has attended or hosted a party at the Warrington over the past six years has witnessed the evolution of a rustic country club into what is now the closest thing to the city in bucolic Bucks County.  This six-year $3 million renovation includes an entirely reimagined front foyer and portico, completely refurbished ballrooms, the addition of two luxury bridal suites designed for the modern bride, and numerous other upgrades that will be complete before the end of this winter.

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Is the gift of engagement on your list this year?

The holidays represent the selfless act of giving, but also the comfort of a gift received.  The suspense on both sides is part of what makes this time of year so special.

Is the gift of engagement on your list this year? The photographs below brilliantly capture newlywed couples in our most picturesque locations at The Warrington. Could this be you someday? Take a look at our gallery to get a glimpse into what your future wedding could look like!

The authentic and romantic photograph below is credit to Hana Cho Photography in Lansdale. Tracy and Jin look like they just stepped into the Magic of Disney!

warrington wedding

View the gallery below to see more couples celebrating their love at The Warrington!

Browse through the romance of wedding day photographs at The Warrington by heading over to our Instagram page.  Newly Engaged?  Call us at 215 343-1630 or email info@warringtoncountryclub.com to start planning the romantic celebration of your life!

2018 Wedding Trend Predictions

wedding trends

The holiday season is here, making it a good time for gifts, family gatherings, and predictions for what is going to be popular next year.

Conversations switch from “thank you mom for the pajamas” to “I can’t believe we’re at the end of 2017.”

With one-year concluding, a new year is coming and it brings with it new wedding trends that will attract the masses. Let’s talk about what will be in for 2018 weddings.

His and Her drinks!

They are excellent ways to have him branch out from ordering a beer and her to get excited about. His and Her drinks can be as simple as a Malibu bay breeze and a Jack and Coke or as extravagant as a flavored mojito muddled on the spot and a “new old fashioned” for an interesting twist on today’s popular spirits.

Make the bar conversational and fun. It will speed up your line when it comes to making decisions and will have your guests trying one of your favorite concoctions just how you like it.

Making your wedding different!

If there was something cute about competition, you would find it in the wedding environment.

The recent spark in our station décor and food presentation has been in large part influenced by our modern direction and culinary team but confirmed by brides and grooms who are booking now.

They want to throw a party that impresses. We live in Philadelphia, so it only makes sense that our Philly Cheesesteak station has been a huge hit. The craft beer market is growing each year and the thirst for this trend can be quenched with our Beer Garden Station. You can also send your guests home with something warm and delicious with our Doughnut Wall station.

Outdoor ceremony!

The amount invested by the Warrington’s ownership in its ceremony gardens is a great indication of how big this trend will be come 2018’s spring, summer and fall. The convenience and beauty of hosting your ceremony in our private outdoor gardens that will be right next to your cocktail room can’t be beat.

Say I do under blue skies; outdoor gardens have become the romantic place to make your love for each other official and we have the perfect grounds for it!

After meeting with many couples leading up to the busy 2018 wedding season, we have found these trends to be extremely popular.

What do you think will be the biggest trend for weddings next year? Let us know when you take a tour with us here at Bucks County’s premier wedding destination.

Picking the Right Wedding Day Vendors

wedding day vendors

Exploring uncharted territory is never an easy thing to do and you will experience this while planning for your wedding day

The excitement of sharing with friends and family is soon met with the uncertain. 

You may have a lot of questions when it comes to choosing wedding day vendors.

“Which venue do I choose?  Where will I get my dress?  Will I be going with a DJ or band? And who will I hire to document all this? Videographer? Photographer?” 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place.  We want to share with you the best ways to answer all your wedding day questions.

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Wedding Registry: The Time to Purchase is Now

Wedding Registry Holiday Shopping

Whether you’re sending out or receiving a wedding registry, the holiday season is a great time to knock this task off your checklist.

With all of the holiday deals starting, this is the time to buy if you want to get the most bang for your buck. If you are getting married, your guests may be a little more generous this time of year and buy you that crazy new thing you want but don’t have to have. If you do manage to get that pricey gift, thank the holiday atmosphere and savings.

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The Season is Autumn at the Warrington

Apple Cider SangriaPrime real estate in the world of weddings is autumn.  If you have secured a date during this time you probably made it happen by planning way in advance.

So, what has made the fall the most desirable time of year to host your wedding day?  Maybe it’s the fall foliage that looks great in photos or the weather that has hit the perfect spot of not too hot and not too cold. One things for sure, Pinterest has showcased the enticing décor that surrounds this season and our brides love it!

Here at the Warrington, we make sure we represent the seasonal theme for all our couples and their guests.

Seasonal Cocktails & Beer

When you first arrive and are ready to get the night off to a great start, what is your first move? If you said a trip to the bar we have you covered with a couple of seasonal options. Sangria’s are typically flavored with seasonal fruits, which inspired us to make our “Fall Sangria.” It was a hit last year and is back with its cinnamon dusted apple garnish that pairs perfectly with the apple cider sangria flavor.

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