Our favorite trends in 2018

Wedding dessert station

With the new year here, it’s a good time to reflect on everything we enjoyed about 2018.  In the world of wedding trends, we saw couples elect station style service over the more traditional sit-down dinner service.  Decorative floral arrangements were added to enhance the wedding ceremony aisles and arbor for memorable wedding day photographs.  Couples are opting to go with an experience on the day of their wedding over giving out favors.  Experience the best of Bucks County weddings in 2018 with us all over again.

Wedding food stationWeddings are a celebration of finding the love of your life which leads them to be a gathering of all your closest friends and family.  It’s not often everyone has an opportunity to come together again after high school graduations due in large part to the chaos of adult schedules we have all become familiar with.  The idea of finding a seat for a formal sit-down dinner has been replaced often with station style weddings.  Any opportunity there is to take your guests out of their seats and into an experience has been a trend in 2018 we enjoyed seeing.  Stations help the crowd move around and run into old friends and create new ones.

Arbor with FlowersPictures make the moment stand still forever and we have seen a shift in 2018 towards creating unique displays to make these memories simply more stunning.  Floral arrangements used to line the ceremony walkways and decorate the arbors beyond the typical flower pedals and bouquets has erupted this past year.   The picturesque photographs that follow make for a memorable photo book that your kids and grandkids will take notice of.  When you reflect on a moment, remarkable comes to mind when you add a little something to your wedding day décor and it shows in the photographs.

Couple making funny faces in photoboothKeep the night interactive so each guest is engaged in an experience, so your wedding is one of if not the best wedding they attend.  No one says, “I had the best night ever sitting in my chair listening to loud music because I don’t dance.”  Create interactive opportunities for everyone which we have seen with our doughnut wall and coffee station at the end of the night.  Photobooths are key because everyone wants to be a part of the memory.  Opting to go with a station style dinner service to keep your crowd mingling over stationing guests at 1 table all night has been a 2018 trend we found effective for keeping the party going.

We enjoyed 2018 trends and look forward to what 2019 will bring.  Interested in booking a memorable occasion with us?  Our event planners are ready to assist to through the planning and execution of your event.  Contact us on our website or by calling 215 343 1630.

Elegant Bridal Expo and Valentine’s Dinner Coming to The Warrington

Bucks County Bridal ExpoWhat’s new and exciting in Bucks County?  In a rural market saturated with rustic venues, the Warrington stands out as a one of a kind cosmopolitan retreat.  We have paired modern cooking techniques with contemporary design and they all can be enjoyed at our Valentine’s dinner or the Elegant Bridal Expo we will be hosting in March.  The allure of the city has found intimacy in the suburbs with the Warrington and it comes with additional amenities such as on-site parking!  That is o-n-s-i-t-e  p-a-r-k-i-n-g.

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Is the gift of engagement on your list this year?

The holidays represent the selfless act of giving, but also the comfort of a gift received.  The suspense on both sides is part of what makes this time of year so special.

Is the gift of engagement on your list this year? The photographs below brilliantly capture newlywed couples in our most picturesque locations at The Warrington. Could this be you someday? Take a look at our gallery to get a glimpse into what your future wedding could look like!

The authentic and romantic photograph below is credit to Hana Cho Photography in Lansdale. Tracy and Jin look like they just stepped into the Magic of Disney!

warrington wedding

View the gallery below to see more couples celebrating their love at The Warrington!

Browse through the romance of wedding day photographs at The Warrington by heading over to our Instagram page.  Newly Engaged?  Call us at 215 343-1630 or email info@warringtoncountryclub.com to start planning the romantic celebration of your life!

Briar Rose Room

The Briar Rose Room at the Warrington Country Club comfortably accommodates up to 165 guests.

Features include:

  • Traditionally decorated, the Briar Rose Room is extremely spacious and elegant.
  • Large windows allowing natural light to filter into the ballroom.
  • Beautiful stylish hand designed chandeliers add to the elegance of this ballroom.
  • The open fireplace can add to the ambiance for your Holiday Celebration.

Bucks County Reception Venue - Ballroom with Fireplace

Contact Warrington Country Club for more information, availability and pricing.

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