Is the gift of engagement on your list this year?

The holidays represent the selfless act of giving, but also the comfort of a gift received.  The suspense on both sides is part of what makes this time of year so special.

Is the gift of engagement on your list this year? The photographs below brilliantly capture newlywed couples in our most picturesque locations at The Warrington. Could this be you someday? Take a look at our gallery to get a glimpse into what your future wedding could look like!

The authentic and romantic photograph below is credit to Hana Cho Photography in Lansdale. Tracy and Jin look like they just stepped into the Magic of Disney!

warrington wedding

View the gallery below to see more couples celebrating their love at The Warrington!

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Combining Dates and Everyday Activities

Date Night

Are you convinced you’ve done a little bit of everything with your significant other?  Have you imagined trying something new but haven’t found the time to discover that unique activity you both will enjoy?  Keep the fire burning with these great date ideas.  Discover something new about each other.  Live, Laugh, and Love.

Everyone blanks

Fill in the blank and you’ll find an activity you both need in your life and then simply turn it into a date night. Here are a few examples to give you a bit of inspiration for your own date nights:

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If you found the one…

Couple Holding Hands

He sleeps with his socks on, she loves cheese. He has a habit of forgetting things but uses cute gestures with hopes of forgiveness. She forgives him, but is sure to make future jokes about the habit and they both laugh knowing they have nothing but good intentions for each other as they find laughter is a little thing in life that makes a grand impact. I almost always hear the maid of honor or best man reference laughter as an important ingredient to a healthy long-lasting marriage so if you can relate… Perfect!

Do you know subtle facts like these about your significant other? This is most likely because you are “truly” in love, especially if these nuances haven’t sent you packing and there’s a good chance they’re in love with you if they have become this vulnerable with you.

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Engagement Rings: A Beautiful Way to Show Your Love

engagement rings in PA

For most of us, our celebration of a National Holiday and yearly tradition has concluded, and for some others the celebration continues.  For me, I am thinking of other traditions we share and celebrate with others and it has come down to the history behind the Engagement Ring.

While most do not share this celebration on the same day, this event has the spontaneity of becoming a tradition within your family on any day at any given moment.  So, what is the history behind this symbol we all look to share with someone at some point?

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Date Night in Bucks County

Date Night in Bucks County

You may have driven through the streets of Bucks County to find many small businesses from Restaurants and Wine Retailers to custom Chocolate Shops and fancy Olive Oil Boutiques.  After recently hosting local vendors from the Bucks County area here at the Warrington Country Club to showcase what their businesses have to offer, it’s clear there are so many reasons to spend a great night out with the one you love right here.  Is tonight your date night?  Here’s some of the places we’d recommend checking out…

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Post Engagement but Pre-Wedding Time Together

Planning a wedding in Bucks County PA

Uncertainty has diminished and the inevitable excitement of your big day builds during the period before your wedding in Bucks County. You feel confident about your future and are elated to tell your friends and family cute stories of how this all came to be with that special person you had been looking for your whole life till now.  It’s important to remember what makes that person important to you and enjoy those moments all over again during this time.  Inspire each others speeches, a deeper love, and a commitment to what made you fall in love.

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