Our favorite trends in 2018

Wedding dessert station

With the new year here, it’s a good time to reflect on everything we enjoyed about 2018.  In the world of wedding trends, we saw couples elect station style service over the more traditional sit-down dinner service.  Decorative floral arrangements were added to enhance the wedding ceremony aisles and arbor for memorable wedding day photographs.  Couples are opting to go with an experience on the day of their wedding over giving out favors.  Experience the best of Bucks County weddings in 2018 with us all over again.

Wedding food stationWeddings are a celebration of finding the love of your life which leads them to be a gathering of all your closest friends and family.  It’s not often everyone has an opportunity to come together again after high school graduations due in large part to the chaos of adult schedules we have all become familiar with.  The idea of finding a seat for a formal sit-down dinner has been replaced often with station style weddings.  Any opportunity there is to take your guests out of their seats and into an experience has been a trend in 2018 we enjoyed seeing.  Stations help the crowd move around and run into old friends and create new ones.

Arbor with FlowersPictures make the moment stand still forever and we have seen a shift in 2018 towards creating unique displays to make these memories simply more stunning.  Floral arrangements used to line the ceremony walkways and decorate the arbors beyond the typical flower pedals and bouquets has erupted this past year.   The picturesque photographs that follow make for a memorable photo book that your kids and grandkids will take notice of.  When you reflect on a moment, remarkable comes to mind when you add a little something to your wedding day décor and it shows in the photographs.

Couple making funny faces in photoboothKeep the night interactive so each guest is engaged in an experience, so your wedding is one of if not the best wedding they attend.  No one says, “I had the best night ever sitting in my chair listening to loud music because I don’t dance.”  Create interactive opportunities for everyone which we have seen with our doughnut wall and coffee station at the end of the night.  Photobooths are key because everyone wants to be a part of the memory.  Opting to go with a station style dinner service to keep your crowd mingling over stationing guests at 1 table all night has been a 2018 trend we found effective for keeping the party going.

We enjoyed 2018 trends and look forward to what 2019 will bring.  Interested in booking a memorable occasion with us?  Our event planners are ready to assist to through the planning and execution of your event.  Contact us on our website or by calling 215 343 1630.

Raising the Bar: Seasonal Drinks at The Warrington

seasonal drinks bucks county

Subtle but fresh flavors make all the difference in the beverage you select.  To find the right ingredients, our team of bartenders look for what’s in season.  These popular cocktail enhancements will excite your palates, and you can expect to see them at the next event you plan with The Warrington–Bucks County’s premier events venue.  Enjoy the fresh flavors of each season in a glass with our seasonally inspired sangrias or, for our craft beer lovers, just pop the top on one of our rotational IPAs.  It’s time to raise the bar for your next special event.

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Wedding Dinner Experience at The Warrington

Savory Flavor, Contemporary Presentation

wedding dinner

Salmon Sesame

It is time to change your expectations about your wedding dinner experience, because we have changed ours.  Our Executive Chef and culinary team have cranked the knobs on creativity and the result is this: enjoyable dishes that are the perfect combination of flavor and presentation.  You have been waiting for this day for your whole life and it’s almost here.  The entertainment is set, the venue matches your vision, and the food…. Well let’s talk about the food.

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Movies to Watch Before Your Wedding Day

wedding movies

Your wedding should remind you of a feel-good movie, and what’s better than watching a couple of those uplifting movies leading up to your wedding day? The list below includes some of our favorite wedding movies.  They’re the type of movies you watch and don’t feel guilty about watching again.  You’re engaged, you’ve found the love of your life and the happy ending where you walk down the aisle with all eyes on you isn’t far off.  Essentially, you can relate to the main character in these movies because you’re about to play that role yourself.

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venues in Bucks County

Bucks County is a scenic destination and to compliment this idea, The Warrington has added five manicured acres.  On the property, you will find the perfect location to host your intimate outdoor wedding ceremony in either the Arbor or Crystal Gardens.

The gardens are maintained all year around and are set up for a stunning floral landscape in early Spring for beautiful Spring ceremonies.  Each private garden is equipped with a decorative Arbor and the instantly gratifying stone walkway for those “walks to remember” down the aisle.  Each of these enhanced areas of the property are just steps away from the cocktail hour that follows, and is full of picturesque locations.


The flow of you and your guests event experience commences with the Arbor Gardens.  Whether you are hosting your ceremony here or having your guests directed through the floral walkway toward the start of your cocktail hour, the view is nothing short of memorable.  Guests often use this area to begin documenting their evening with photographs accompanied by all the wonderful backdrops.  The area can fit up to 300 guests for a private wedding ceremony or outdoor cocktail hour.  It is kept intimate through the large Arborvitae and Cypress trees surrounding the gardens colorful floral displays.  The stunning stone walkway fit for the bride is the perfect addition to ceremonial photographs.  When the sun goes down, the backdrop transforms into a glistening garden with accent lighting and starry lights circling the tall trees.

outdoor wedding ceremony bucks county

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June 29th is BACK-YARDS SIPS

back-yards With July 4th weekend on the horizon, The Warrington is gearing up with YARDS Brewing Company to provide you with the ultimate holiday weekend experience.  Kick off your shoes and put on your flipflops, it’s time to get comfortable in The Warrington’s Gardens.

On Friday, June 29th, we are teaming up with YARDS Brewing company to bring you a taste of summer with their popular YARDS Saison, a craft beer drinkers delight with YARDS IPA, and a refreshing Belgian style beer in YARDS Sons of Ben.  Enjoy a small sample with our flight glasses to try something new or jump right in to experience the best of YARDS.  Our station is set up to appeal to the novice drinker while also impressing the palate of experienced craft beer drinkers.

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The Perks of a Modern Wedding Venue

Modern Wedding Venue

A modern wedding venue packs a “wow” factor that rustic venues can’t match. Over the past six years the glamour of the city has found a new home in Bucks County and we call it “The Warrington.”  We removed ourselves from the saturation of rustic venues in Bucks County to focus on today’s bride.

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How Much Money Should You Give As a Wedding Gift? (And other gift questions)

It’s spring wedding season! Pull out your best dress or put on your favorite tie; it’s time to make lasting memories. That’s how simple and fun the experience should be as a guest, but we are often faced with the questions: “what’s the best gift?”, “how much should I give?”, and “where do I purchase the gift?” Luckily, we have some answers to these popular questions that every guest deals with before heading to their friend’s or family’s wedding. Strap in because we are about to replace the wedding day stresses with wedding day dresses (aka the fun stuff).

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Guest Post: Wedding Color Ideas By Season (And What Works For You)

Our blog for this week comes from our friend Ashley at EventForte.com. This is a helpful guide on how to appropriately match your wedding colors to the season of your wedding. There are some great tips and ideas in this article, so be sure to check it out.

Wedding Color Ideas By Season

Wedding season can be pretty much year round but wedding colors change with every season.

That’s why it is important for you to know what wedding colors are right for you depending on the month and the season.

You wouldn’t want to wear a summer color in the winter after all!

So no matter when you are getting married, we’ll let you know what works and what doesn’t for each month.

Click here to read the full article.

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Experience The Warrington this Summer with BackYARDS SIPs

Bucks County event venue

The Warrington, the premier Bucks County event venue, wants you to experience a night with games, entertainment, adult beverages, and savory food.  Sound a lot like Center City Philadelphia’s SIPs?  We’re here to tell you we are replicating that event here in the suburbs on Friday, June 29th from 7pm to 10pm with the addition of live entertainment and a partnership with YARDS Brewery.  This is your invite to a night out to experience a unique event at Bucks County’s cosmopolitan retreat.

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