Raising the Bar: Seasonal Drinks at The Warrington

seasonal drinks bucks county

Subtle but fresh flavors make all the difference in the beverage you select.  To find the right ingredients, our team of bartenders look for what’s in season.  These popular cocktail enhancements will excite your palates, and you can expect to see them at the next event you plan with The Warrington–Bucks County’s premier events venue.  Enjoy the fresh flavors of each season in a glass with our seasonally inspired sangrias or, for our craft beer lovers, just pop the top on one of our rotational IPAs.  It’s time to raise the bar for your next special event.

Selecting a signature drink can be a choice between your favorites or finding a new preference through our list of recommendations.  After experimenting with seasonality, popular mixes, and modern twists on old school drinks, we created a list of cocktails for both the novice and experienced drinkers.  Enjoy the smooth finish and seasonal notes in our Winter White Cosmopolitan or embrace your love for summer with every sip of our lime muddled, mint infused simple syrup Mojito.  Want to experience something refreshing and local?  “The Cleanse” was inspired by our recent partnership with Philadelphia’s very own Stateside distillery and combines the flavors of cucumber, lemon and mint in a distinctly flavorful simple syrup which is then combined with Stateside Vodka.

Enjoy seasonal sangrias ranging from our guests favorite Apple Cider Sangria with cinnamon dusted apple slices or our Winter Sangria combined with the refreshing flavors of cranberry and rosemary.  You will find the flavor of each season in our rotating sangria’s, just when the ingredients are the ripest.  For the beer lovers, the bar has a selection of three different popular brews in addition to Goose Island’s IPA.

Have a preference that is not listed on our list of included wine, spirits and beer?  Ask one of our event managers about having the item brought in for the next special occasion you are planning with us.