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Savory Flavor, Contemporary Presentation

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Salmon Sesame

It is time to change your expectations about your wedding dinner experience, because we have changed ours.  Our Executive Chef and culinary team have cranked the knobs on creativity and the result is this: enjoyable dishes that are the perfect combination of flavor and presentation.  You have been waiting for this day for your whole life and it’s almost here.  The entertainment is set, the venue matches your vision, and the food…. Well let’s talk about the food.

There is typically a fish, a beef, and a chicken dish option to choose from, but our executive team is here to say there is nothing typical about it.  Our Key West Chicken is prepared in our state-of-the-art Rational Ovens for a tender slice.  It is topped with a beurre blanc sauce and mango salsa recipe our executive chef brought back with him from his time spent working in the beautiful Cayman Islands.  This innovative dish has become one of the most popular dishes and by far the most popular chicken option served at events.

The Salmon Sesame is a dish for everyone to try and we say this because guests often have one bite and say, “I don’t even like salmon, but this is great!”  Our executive chef has paired the strong flavor of salmon with a not so subtle black plum glaze and sesame crumbs to not only enhance the texture but to also add a complimentary flavor note you won’t forget.  Want to see what the positive fuss is all about?  Select the Salmon Sesame as an option for your guests.

Our steak is prepared in our state-of-the-art ovens that can cook the center within a tenth of a degree of the intended temperature.  This allows for a consistent experience for each guest.  With several different steak options and an equally delicious sauce to be accompanied with, you can be confident in any selection you make.

For allergies and/or dietary restrictions, speak with one of our Event Advisors and they will work with you to make sure every guest leaves the dinner table satisfied.

Bucks County’s premier caterer is creating savory dishes with enhanced presentation for everyone to enjoy.

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