Movies to Watch Before Your Wedding Day

wedding movies

Your wedding should remind you of a feel-good movie, and what’s better than watching a couple of those uplifting movies leading up to your wedding day? The list below includes some of our favorite wedding movies.  They’re the type of movies you watch and don’t feel guilty about watching again.  You’re engaged, you’ve found the love of your life and the happy ending where you walk down the aisle with all eyes on you isn’t far off.  Essentially, you can relate to the main character in these movies because you’re about to play that role yourself.


In every good time, there’s a laugh–and laugh you will with this comedy! The theme, while comically misguided at times, centers around the importance of valuing your relationships.  Your friends create memories you can recall that no one else will understand.  Annie and Lillian have this relationship and while at times it is strained, they do not let tough times get in the way of their bond.  Watch this movie with your bridesmaids to set the mood for what’s ahead.  Marriage is ultimately a celebration with those closest to you, and this movie captures that element with more than a few laughs.

27 Dresses

You’re not at the center of the photograph.  You’re working to make sure your friend’s day is perfect. You’ve caught the eye of a single man in the room but what you really want is to have all eyes in the room on you.  Let’s hope your life doesn’t reflect the comedic spin that became 27 Dresses before lucky number 28 came along.  Even if your story isn’t about 27 dresses, you still have sacrificed and put a lot of your time and energy into becoming a Mrs.  You’ve earned this moment and the day that follows.  This movie touches on that sense of pride that you feel when you’ve earned it so enjoy.

The Wedding Singer

While you may not have exited one proposal to say yes to another, this movie really touches on the importance of finding someone you can see yourself “growing old with”.  Most of us have been in that relationship where it just doesn’t work out. The dilemma between becoming Julia Guglia or Julia Heart is obvious when you take a step back and see why the person you’re marrying is perfect for you.  He most likely hasn’t written you a song but he’s also most likely not a wedding singer.  Enjoy the moments that he makes you feel special and you might catch yourself singing.

There are plenty of great wedding movies to watch that will lead to wedding day inspiration and a smile.  Let us help write yours. The Warrington directs movie like moments for couples every weekend and we love what we do.

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