How Much Money Should You Give As a Wedding Gift? (And other gift questions)

It’s spring wedding season! Pull out your best dress or put on your favorite tie; it’s time to make lasting memories. That’s how simple and fun the experience should be as a guest, but we are often faced with the questions: “what’s the best gift?”, “how much should I give?”, and “where do I purchase the gift?” Luckily, we have some answers to these popular questions that every guest deals with before heading to their friend’s or family’s wedding. Strap in because we are about to replace the wedding day stresses with wedding day dresses (aka the fun stuff).

Duck, duck, goose! It’s up to you to decide what to do from here but luckily there’s help. Nowadays, newlyweds are using wedding registry services, like Zola, to communicate what they want and make sure their guests understand their gift preferences. Don’t get caught giving the bread maker that has three speeds and find it’s being regifted to a young kid named Max on his birthday (Old School). Stick to the list and keep the personalized touch in the card or add a monogram with the couple’s initials.

They want a whisk for $10? They might, but if you opt to purchase this item look at other items on the registry that would help make your gift a complete set, such as a whisk with a mixing bowl. This short, sweet, and simple idea will be among the most appreciated gifts because it’s exactly what they asked for. There is no need to bring complexity into the gift-giving experience. If you’re very familiar with the couple and want your gift to emphasize your personal touch, make sure you understand their tastes well enough to give something off the registry and that your gift is returnable. Just be sure to give your gift prior to or shortly after their wedding day. On the day of, there is always a kind person who stays behind to gather all the gifts instead of joining the after-party fun (and it might even be you).

Wedding gifts are not mandatory, but if you’re asking, “How much money should you give as a wedding gift?” here are the guidelines we find helpful. With today’s weddings, this amount depends on your relationship with the newlyweds. As co-workers and distant friends, expect to give what you’d expect to spend on a nice evening out. If you’re a relative or friend, you should look to cover the cost of your plate at the wedding. As a close relative or friend, it is common to pay for your plate and add a little something extra for the couple to use towards an item they need around the house. In the end, stay within your budget and what you believe is fair.

If you’re not sure what to get, don’t panic! Registries typically include an option to contribute toward a cash fund. This is a great option if the items on the registry are out of your price point or the couple is looking to save up for something big! Cash funds can also be used to cover wedding expenses, or as an investment toward a honeymoon. Either way, rest assured knowing that you helped make a life a little bit easier, or contributed toward an amazing experience.

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