Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo Attire Trends 2018

In the expansive and wondrous bridal world, trends are ever-changing and 2018 is full of amazing style options! What was popular two years ago may not be the hottest trend in the bridal game now. What people love to wear is always changing, and the styles offered at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo are so malleable that people can wear most of them at any time of the year and at any venue!

First, let’s take a look at some of the fresh suit trends.

Tweed Vests

vest2 vest1

These vests – which feature their own lapels and pockets – are great for your rustic, laid-back type weddings. These new vests are all the rage and come in brown, navy, and grey.   Pair with dark grey and light grey suits and tuxedos to finish off your summer style! They look amazing with pocket squares as well.

To go even more rustic, a patterned shirt under the vest can make a great addition – it really adds that outdoor country feel that we love!

patterned shirt

And speaking of country, how about the look with denim jeans?


One of the best parts of these vests is that you don’t even need to wear suit jackets with them. You can wear just the Tweed vest with a shirt and tie and still look stunning on your wedding day.

Floral Ties

A fanciful and fun way to stand out from the crowd! These floral ties come in traditional long ties AND bow ties. These floral ties are a flashy yet simple way to change up your outfit.

floral1floral2floral 3

Our tuxedo consultant Nick has his fair share of floral ties, and he absolutely adores them! These ties are bound to make an impression of fun and great times on your special day.

Add a matching floral pocket square for that must have accessory piece, or add a fresh flower boutonniere in a complementary color.

Navy Jackets

Want to make your wedding attire stand out while still remaining classic? Navy jackets are the way to go!  One of our favorites is the luxurious Ike Behar Tuxedo line.  It can be bold and formal, or low key and relaxed, depending on your style and accessory choice.

This navy look will make any groom look different while also encapsulating the parts of a tuxedo that make him look great!

These jackets allow you to have fun without being too unconventional. Navy jackets pair well with summer colors like blush and coral.

Not up for a tuxedo?  Suits are always in style and on trend.  A 3-piece suit can be just as appropriate.  Or skip the vest and go for some cool suspenders, which is another trend coming back! Check out these gorgeous tweed and leather ones.


Additionally, you can finish off any of these looks with a pair of crisp brown shoes, another trend that continues into 2018!


This combination is very popular, and is sure to stand out on your wedding day.

The Dress

And now:  The Dress.  It’s all about the dress…

Now let’s take a look at some dress trends we are seeing in our area.

Ball gowns are making a comeback!  We aren’t hearing, “I want a dress that’s not too poofy” as much this year and we are loving it.  Ballgowns work for almost any venue because if the bride falls in love with it, it will work!

The ornate ball gown traditionally works well for a more formal church wedding followed by a formal venue.

However, there are some darling, incredibly romantic ball gowns with layers and tiers of tulle, and/or unbeaded lace applique that look breathtaking in any venue and any season!

A great option for brides who are conflicted between the ball gown and a form fitted dress is a detachable train.

A dress like Penelope by Amare Couture is a dream come true.  A form-fitted, formal beaded dress underneath with a jaw-dropping tulle and beaded detachable train.  The formal look for the ceremony, a sleek look for the reception.

Sleeves.  They are back and they are beautiful!  Lace, beaded, or both, three-quarter or long, finished off with buttons and trim.

white dress

Kitty Chen “Roxanne” with 3/4 sleeve

The dress can have them attached, or have a jacket made with the dress for removal later.  We love showing off our gowns with sleeves!

A row of bridal gowns with sleeves at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

A row of bridal gowns with sleeves
at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

Boho.  We use the word “rustic” a little more around here because to us in Bucks County with a heavy concentration on outdoor, barn, and historic venues, these dresses fit the rustic/boho bill.  Boho is typically made with soft lace or an English net, flowy and earthy.  Picture flower crowns and gardens, whimsical and romantic…  we do love these dreamy dresses!

The Back.  Oh man, the backs!  Buttons and beads, scoop, high, V… the sky is the limit on the back of gowns.  Dramatic backs are amazing and definitely ON trend!

The Maids:  Maid trend continues for us to be long dresses in mainly chiffon, but corded lace and crepe fabrics are in the mix, too.

It is still “a thing” to have girls in the same color but different dresses.

It is just as much a thing, however, to have girls in different dresses in different hues.  Ombre pallets in pinks, blues, and grays are just beautiful together and paired with the right flowers can turn your photos into viral Pinterest pins!

No more metallic/sequin dresses, please.  Our most popular colors this year are soft:  slate blue, petal pink, desert gray, and wisteria.

Wisteria, slate, petal pink, desert gray Maid dresses at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

Wisteria, slate, petal pink, desert gray
Maid dresses at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

With Spring weddings in full swing, these trends will be shown off at venues like The Warrington as they host not only receptions, but ceremonies as well.  Indoor or outdoor, you will see some of the most beautiful color combinations and attire styles that are increasingly more personal and meaningful to the bride and groom.

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is proud to partner with some of the best vendors in the wedding industry, including the newly refurbished and highly-rated Warrington.