The Warrington Six Years Later | A Premier Bucks County Event Venue

Bucks County event venue

On Thursday, April 5th, The Warrington partnered with the local community during its Ribbon Cutting Event to tell a story that began 30 years ago when owner Wayne Ford transformed a felt factory into Romano’s Catering, a charming events venue in Philadelphia where the local community gathered to celebrate life’s milestones.   Six years ago, Wayne and his family acquired the Warrington Country Club with a different transformation in mind.  Our goal was to bring the city to the suburbs with trend setting décor, renowned cuisine, and the overall chic city experience.

At this event, Dr. Vail Garvin, President & CEO of Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, reflected on previous parties she hosted with us in our window filled Arbor Room that overlooks our award-winning Arbor Gardens.  Vail spoke about the exceptional service she received from every team member she encountered, the flavorful and well-presented menu, and the enjoyment she discovered in observing a business evolve in Bucks County, an area that is near and dear to her.

Barbara Bentivoglio, Former Chairman & President of Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, concluded speeches with a mission stating, “have an event here, it’s beautiful, the food is really great and if you don’t believe it, have some.”  Barbara was referring to a few of our signature stations set up for this event including the Warrington Artisanal Market, an extravagant display of fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses included in our 2019 wedding package.  Our Beer Garden and Philly Cheesesteak station were also displayed to create the city’s ambiance right here in Bucks County.

Matthew Weintraub, District Attorney of Bucks County, also recalled previous events he attended and hosted at The Warrington for his family.  Photographers and local celebrities Tyler Boye and Lynda Berry captured the epitome of this event which was an evening that forever brings a piece of the city’s allure to the suburbs.  A to Z party rentals supplied the décor for eight separately themed table arrangements and Domenic Graziano Flowers complimented each of their table set ups with eye-catching floral center pieces.  Photographs of the entire event can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Our team welcomes you to live new memories in our scenic Bucks County event venue space.  Capture each moment in our award-winning gardens.  Enjoy stations designed to give your guests an interactive experience.  Discover new relationships over freshly prepared cocktails and a menu featuring the perfect fusion of flavor and presentation.  The allure of the city is now in your backyard with the all new Warrington.