5 Ways to Personalize your Bucks County Wedding at The Warrington

You’re preparing for the moment.  That time when your names are formally announced, and you enter your party.  The first dance and kiss as newlyweds surrounded by friends and family.  The moment the wedding cake is cut.  There are so many memorable moments in this event for you and we want you to be able to customize it.  Here are five ways every bride and groom can customize their wedding at The Warrington, and it is all included.

Light up the room

Up lighting is a fun feature and a great way to add a touch of your personality to the room. Personalize your Bucks County Wedding with your favorite color illuminating the walls and ceiling at The Warrington. If your guests know you for loving a certain color, they will get a friendly reminder of this when they enter your reception room.  Customize the ceiling and walls with a color you love.

What’s your favorite color

Keeping with the theme of colors, we have over 25 custom napkin colors for you to choose from at no extra charge.  Be flirtatious with pink, be festive with red or pick any other color assortment for your big day. You can choose to alternate colors at each table if you can’t decide on one.  Give each table a decorative piece in your favorite color, with napkins that add a lot of pop to your reception room.

Signature Drinks

You want to make the event fun and signature to you.  Check out our Signature drinks menu and we’ll provide you with a custom sign to let your guests know what you recommend.  We have a large list of suggestions and will work with you to make any customized drink you can think of.


One tier, two tiers, three tiers or more.  What cake design do you have in mind?  This flavorful treat can come customized for you.  Displayed in the room till it is served to your guests, the cake becomes a decorative feature at your wedding.  “Everyone loves cake”—make sure the design of your wedding cake captures your personality.  This day is about you, so show it off!

Center pieces 

Each table receives a floral center piece that comes with customizations.  Elevate it atop of our tall glass flutes to make this decorative piece stand out across the room.  Choose what color you would like your roses to be in the mix of wedding white hydrangeas.  Take it home with you or allow your guests to leave with some beautiful flowers at the end of the night.

Our management team and partners will be happy to guide you through each decision and personalize your Bucks County wedding in as many ways as we can.  Open your wedding reception doors and let the room remind you of you.  You will absolutely love the outcome.