Any Way You Slice It: Wedding Cake, Favors & Centerpieces

Cake at Wedding Venue in Bucks County

There are so many decisions you make for your wedding day that reflect who you are as an individual and as a couple.  Half the fun comes in all the details you decide on that represent you best.  From the wedding venue to the favors you hand out, we want it to reflect who you are and be something your guests can also enjoy.  So what details are safe to be completely selfish about and which ones should you consider your guests in as well?


Centerpieces are a great way to showcase your style but are often handed out to your guests at the end of the night.  So, what do you do?  Whichever florist your wedding venue recommends, they will tell you what’s in season and what’s you.  They will have pictures so you can pick an option that correlates with the theme of your wedding but will also be a nice parting gift for one of your guests at each table.  We work closely with Graziano’s who provides decorative in season center pieces but is always willing to work with you to create a flower arrangement perfect for you to display.  Verdict: Wow your guests as they walk into the room. Centerpieces stand out.

Wedding Favors

The cocktail hour has concluded and your guests are making their way into the reception room.  They’ve seen your centerpiece selection and take a seat to notice the favors you are providing.  Anything goes here but the one guests seem to appreciate most is food.  Guests bring their appetites with them to weddings.  You can artfully display your names and the date on the packaging or directly on the food.  When you give household items with your details on it, guests will remember your day whenever they use the item but it most likely won’t be in theme with their other household items.  Struggling to figure out exactly what to give? Check out our Pinterest page with idea’s for favors or let us provide an end of the night station for you that could substitute for favors such as our doughnut wall or candy station designed to Wow! guests and give them something to take home.

Wedding Cake

That leaves the cake which you will be sharing with everyone.  Our recommended bakeries provide tastings for you to select a flavor choice perfect for you but consider your guests in this process as well.  Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet take the cake when it comes to most popular; bad joke, I know, but it’s been said so let’s move on. Stick with the safe flavor choices but that doesn’t mean your cakes appearance needs to be as safe.  Get festive with the icing design or the colors.  Add props and decorations that show your personality.  The overall design is where you want to stand out and make the cake unique but when it comes to flavor, the majority has a preference and since we want the cake we’re serving to be eaten, stay safe here.

Cake, centerpieces, options for end of the night favors?  You’re all covered with us here at the Warrington Country Club, you’re premiere wedding venue destination in Bucks County and the greater Philadelphia area. Get in touch with us today to speak with one of our wedding experts about your event.