Accommodating Out of Town Wedding Guests

Wedding in Bucks County

“It’s hard getting the whole family together” I hear my Grandmother say around the Holidays; and we’re all local!  She successfully rounds up the group, of course, but how does she manage?  How do you manage, especially if some of your guests are not local?

Before you begin to stress managing this logistics situation, take a deep breath… and let’s talk about tools that exist today to make your life a little easier when it comes to tasks like this.

Organizing Your Guests

I recently scheduled a trip with a group of friends to all meet in Austin, Texas.  So that’s the fun part, but out of the group of 15, only 3 of us would depart from the same airport which results in different flight schedules, arrival times, and costs.  To organize this, we used Google Docs and while some may not be a fan of technology, this free tool ranks among the easiest to use.

Step 1: Type Google Docs into your search engine.

Step 2: Go to Google Docs and click on start a new document. Stick with me.

Step 3: Click on the table tab and create one that has enough rows for the amount guests your flying in and has enough columns for them to put their Departing flight # (in case other guests are departing the same airport and want to work out logistics for arriving there), their arrival time (so you know when to expect them), their contact information, and when they are headed back home.

Step 4: Click share in the top right corner and type in all the guests email addresses who are flying in for your wedding so they can add their information to this group shared document.

Just 4 simple steps and now you have conveniently connected your guests which allows them to work together to figure out how they are getting to and from the airport.  It is also a social platform for them to discuss how excited they are to come to town and celebrate your wedding day!  It worked great for us especially because for some, flying is a hassle and now they know they’re not tackling it alone.

Finding Accomodations

So, they have officially arrived.  Now where do they stay?  This weekends for you so you don’t want everyone piling up at your place taking up your bathroom and your down time (if that even existed).  Contact your wedding venue to see if they have any group rate deals with local hotels.  They often do.  You can also look to Airbnb to allow guests to stay in a place that fits less like a hotel and more like a welcoming home.  Airbnb houses (another option includes are typically stocked with amenities a hotel doesn’t always carry such as a fridge and multiple private rooms for one price.  Check out and share some of the local options and let your guests decide from there.

Showing Appreciation for Special Guests

Logistics – Check. Accommodations – Check. Appreciation for guests making the trip… simple suggestions follow. You have already done the above for your guests to make their travel plans easier so how else can we show them our appreciation for making the trip?

You could have the DJ introduce these guests to the party, announcing where they came from before introducing the bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents.  You could give them something small in addition to the favor everyone else receives to show them your appreciation for making the trip.  You could be the first to the hotel or Airbnb house and place something special for them like a weekend gift basket.  All these options are low cost but recognizable ways to show your out of town guests how much you appreciate them making the trip.

At this point, all that’s left to do is to take a trip yourself to the Warrington Country Club and begin planning your wedding in Bucks County with us!