Improve Your Wedding Day Experience

Bucks County Wedding Venue

There is often so much on your plate in the process of preparing for your wedding day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of some of the often overlooked but important additions you could add to your wedding day experience?  We have compiled a list of those sometimes forgotten but important factors that contribute to the overall guest experience.  I know we both agree that we want your day to be as memorable as possible so let’s dive in.

Three of the largest guest takeaways from any wedding day experience include the music, the people present, and the food.  We have suggestions for you on how to optimize each of these experiences when you celebrate at our wedding venue in Bucks County.

The Music

For music, it varies based on your crowd so include on your RSVP cards an option for your guests to write down a song request.  Make sure the DJ you select will adequately work with you in making sure these suggestions are played.  Include upbeat/positive songs that keep the good time on the dance floor.  I think I’ve heard “jump up and shout” at every single wedding and like it or hate it, everyone seems to embrace the dance that goes along with it. If you’re thinking about hosting your special day at our wedding venue in Bucks County, here’s a list of our recommended partners, including several DJs and bands!

The People

The people present is obvious.  A good mix of family and friends will do every time, but the environment can take it up a notch.  Photo booths inspire positive chemistry among your closest friends and family but also among guests that don’t even know each other. Signature drinks are must tries for a lot of guests and can easily become a point of discussion.  Keep it as interactive as possible by working with your wedding venue and vendors.  They will be full of options and suggestions for what they provide in helping you achieve this goal of creating the ultimate guest experience.

The Food

“What’s for dinner?”  If you haven’t heard that question before it’s probably because you were too hungry to comprehend what anyone was saying.  Dinner is a highlight for guests, so partner with a venue known for “exceptional food”.  Look over all the station options for cocktail hour and the end of the night to decide how you want to differentiate your night from other weddings you’ve been to.  Do you want that grand unveil during cocktail hour or do you want to send guests home with something special?  Yes, you can also pick to do both

Helpful?  I hope so.  Now let’s plan your dream wedding at our wedding venue in Bucks County!