Combining Dates and Everyday Activities

Date Night

Are you convinced you’ve done a little bit of everything with your significant other?  Have you imagined trying something new but haven’t found the time to discover that unique activity you both will enjoy?  Keep the fire burning with these great date ideas.  Discover something new about each other.  Live, Laugh, and Love.

Everyone blanks

Fill in the blank and you’ll find an activity you both need in your life and then simply turn it into a date night. Here are a few examples to give you a bit of inspiration for your own date nights:

Everyone Eats

Because everyone eats, a classic twist on the dinner date will be our first topic of discussion.  The recent boom in the grocery delivery industry has made it obvious that people still enjoy using their kitchens.

So, stop by the farmers market, head to the nearest grocery store and walk down a different isle, stop by a farm, get creative with where you get your ingredients and then prepare a meal together.  Either have a recipe in hand from cookbooks, social pages, or a family recipe you’ve been meaning to make.

Everyone Sleeps

Everybody sleeps and a lot of research has been conducted on sleep lately that encourages us to change how we do it.  Spend a night together rearranging your bedroom, adding sleeping gadgets like a clock that generates soothing sounds designed to increase relaxation, check out what emotions are often influenced by paint colors and change the color scheme to your room, consider new comforters, sheets and pillows.  Update your room together so it’s a peaceful retreat for the sleep you know you deserve and need.

Everyone Laughs

Everybody laughs so plan a night around laughter.  Do something ridiculous, in the legal sense (my go-to is trying all the popular dances that I have no idea how to do – dare I say “Twerk”), and make each other laugh.  There are board games and card games that create hours of laughing fun, or put on a comedy you both enjoy.

Set up a fun checklist of things to do around town that will push you out of your comfort zones and, most importantly, make you laugh. I recommend trying to order a bowl of Apple Jacks from an upscale restaurant for yourself.

What makes you laugh?  Find ways to incorporate it in any of the activities you plan here and apologize to the server for me who has to say, “we don’t serve Apple Jacks.”

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