If you found the one…

Couple Holding Hands

He sleeps with his socks on, she loves cheese. He has a habit of forgetting things but uses cute gestures with hopes of forgiveness. She forgives him, but is sure to make future jokes about the habit and they both laugh knowing they have nothing but good intentions for each other as they find laughter is a little thing in life that makes a grand impact. I almost always hear the maid of honor or best man reference laughter as an important ingredient to a healthy long-lasting marriage so if you can relate… Perfect!

Do you know subtle facts like these about your significant other? This is most likely because you are “truly” in love, especially if these nuances haven’t sent you packing and there’s a good chance they’re in love with you if they have become this vulnerable with you.

Isn’t it true that the cutest couples you know have no secrets and have found vulnerability to be that something they were happy to have in common with one another… That and a sense of humor! So, you have come this far with someone and you’re thinking, “Have I found the one? Am I the right one? Just marry me!”

If you’re in this situation, you may not have clearly mentioned what you expected to get out of the relationship and like many, you might be concerned that bringing it up may affect what you already have going.  They’re perfect though so what do you do…?  You’re not alone.

The answer can be simple and in this case, that’s just what it is.  Some perfect date nights for the two of you that build up to you asking a question, like this for instance:

“I think the last couple of nights out we’ve spent together really demonstrate how perfect we are for each other don’t you?”

At this point asking a question like this is completely legitimate and the answer that comes from it will help you decide where this conversation can go.

Looking for help on what some great date ideas could be for the both of you?  Our next blog will look at some of the great options that exist for your next night out together.

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