End of Night Stations

Cheesesteak Bar - Wedding Food Station

Still hungry after your big day? Through all the running around and dancing it’s no surprise that three meals may not cut it for you and your guests.  Solution? One of our end of night stations will satisfy the appetite of anyone.

Guests are even moving from the traditional Wedding favor and replacing it with these stations.  The reason? Your guests prefer to be sent on their way without having to stop at a drive through to satisfy their midnight cravings.  We even have a station that allows your guests to wrap their own favor up which consists of all we’re going to talk about here…food. Let’s begin!

Philly Cheesesteak Station

The Philly Cheesesteak Station has quickly become our most popular end of the night station.  This past weekend, three of the four weddings we hosted selected the option with one guest exclaiming “More food? Yes!”  With the popularity of this station I would say that feedback sums up the guest perspective.  It includes Philly chicken/cheesesteaks (with or without?), warm soft pretzels, Tasty Cakes, fries, and cold water bottles.  The station is also heavily decorated and often features guests taking pictures in front of the marquee Philly cheesesteak sign, the Philadelphia Love sign and an imitation of the Philadelphia skyline using glass vases and Christmas lights.

Gelato Station

After dinner, you may be full but there is always room for dessert and it’s most likely that concept that has created a buzz around the Warrington Country Clubs Gelato station.  It’s set up to have the feel of a little ice cream shop that your guests can indulge in.  If tearing it up on the dance floor is your thing, then you probably know that taking a minute to cool down may also be your thing.  Our Gelato sits on dry ice making it an excellent way to cool down and with all the flavor options it’s bound to be a popular choice among all your guests.  You want toppings? We’ve got them so build your treat just the way you like to enjoy it.

Candy Snack Bar

Want to keep the focus on the dance floor as much as possible but still don’t want to send your guests on their way to craving their fourth meal of the day?  Ask our sales managers about a to-go candy station.  Guests can grab a bag and fill it with their favorite candies before heading out, giving them something to snack on whenever they choose.  This colorful, appetizing station is sure to attract your guests who want to grab a quick sugar boost or who are getting ready to head out and wouldn’t mind taking home a decorative bag of candy.

candy 1

These end of the night stations have become increasingly popular.  It’s a great way to make your wedding stand out and will be talked about for some time to come.  Which one will you choose?  Contact us to reserve one of our end of the night stations for your event