Engagement Rings: A Beautiful Way to Show Your Love

engagement rings in PA

For most of us, our celebration of a National Holiday and yearly tradition has concluded, and for some others the celebration continues.  For me, I am thinking of other traditions we share and celebrate with others and it has come down to the history behind the Engagement Ring.

While most do not share this celebration on the same day, this event has the spontaneity of becoming a tradition within your family on any day at any given moment.  So, what is the history behind this symbol we all look to share with someone at some point?

It’s excitement, it’s a dream, it’s a Ruby Ring.  Or at least that was the ring of choice before the Diamond Rings became the permanent style of choice in the 1930s and I for one am thankful.

Another form of the Engagement Ring, the Posy Ring, was clever, inspirational and it consisted of a poem or simple message inside that the future groom would share with his beautiful bride to be.  This symbol of commitment has taken a long journey over the years and has transformed to what we typically envision today as a beautifully crafted Diamond Ring.

Leave it to the Diamond Industry to take the modest Posy Ring and transform it into something grander and create a myth behind how much you should spend on an Engagement Ring.  DeBeers started a marketing campaign claiming that this symbol of love should cost you 2 months’ salary and it worked.  Today I have even heard of people going as far as 3 months of their salary on a consistent basis.

Back to the cute stuff; it is said that the fourth finger on your left hand has a vein which leads directly to the heart.  So, the popular saying “a diamond is the way to a women’s heart” now makes total sense.  It is the Engagement Ring of choice for 80% of future brides and has become the universal symbol for commitment.  The Engagement Ring has taken many transformations but it appears the diamond version of it is the one we will see sticking around for quite some time.

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Information Sourced from: weddingrepublic.com November 20th, 2011 Author Hana