Free Gifts You Actually Want?!: The Wedding Registry

Registry for Weddings in Bucks County

What do you need?  Be honest.  With everything else on your mind while planning for your wedding day, your registry can often be overlooked by just asking for items you want and not going for what you may need.

After speaking with our brides through the Wedding day process and researching this matter online, we have discovered some of the struggles that come with creating Wedding Registries.  First of all, it should be fun.  Let’s work together to make sure that your list does just that

Let’s see… you still need to call the Florist, decide on a Photographer, and pick what store you want to partner with for your registry when in the end you’re probably thinking “I need a vacation” and just like that you’ve hit the jackpot.  Have guests fund your next date night, weekend at the beach or maybe even a trip to Hawaii.  Don’t think you haven’t earned it.

If you already have the kitchenware, house décor, and home product necessities as a lot of couples do these days, why not turn your registry into cash for a well-deserved trip. Practically a half billion dollars contributed to couple’s registries so far through says it’s a popular trend.

Maybe you’re moving into a new place together and are trying to figure out the best way to decorate your place.  Shop for the theme together by heading to stores that have items you both love.  Decorate together and spend no money.  Unheard of?  It exists and it’s called your registry.

Want to make sure your guests pick out the exact item you want?  Partner up with WeddingScan which allows you to scan the barcode of any item in any store so it takes out the guessing game your guests may have when it comes to getting the right item in the right color and size that you want.  I’m on board with this idea.  Gifts from friends and family, though always appreciated, often resembles their style.

After these great gifts, you’re going to want to organize family and friend events and host them at your place because you’re a classy couple.  Keep that in mind when you’re asking for silverware, plate ware, glassware and general kitchen tools.  A matching set of 6 most likely won’t cut it for such a large group.  Think ahead about traditions you have or look to start and make sure you’re equipped with all the right tools to execute unforgettable gatherings.

Hopefully these quick suggestions help you make the most of your Wedding Registry. Let us help you make another one of your wedding decisions easier; get in touch with Warrington Country Club to ask about our wedding packages in Bucks County.