Wedding Day Survival Kit

Bridal Room at the Warrington

You found the perfect partner, selected the ideal spot to say “I do” in front of friends and family, and have picked the right wedding venue in Bucks County to celebrate with all those closest to you.  You have all the most important pieces covered so you feel great but what might be missing that can make any minor hiccup go away?  A kit with survival tools for minor instances.  From experience, here’s what we recommend you bring in your Wedding Day Survival Kit.

Be Prepared!

For any cosmetic touch ups; safety pins, a makeup kit, Tide To-Go, bobby pins, scissors, lint roller and lotion.  When you’re trying on your dress at the shop the focus is you and the dress, but on the day of your wedding there’s stairs, doors, kids (maybe), and a lot of celebrating.  All this can take its toll on your perfectly done dress, hair and make-up.  The list above can help you fix any minor lose ends related to this category.  If these unlikely instances occur, you’ll be prepared.

Feel Your Best!

Your day will be amazing and it will be eventful so why let anything get in the way when you can pack certain products that will allow you to feel your best?  I’m referring to Advil, bugs spray, Tums, 5-hour energy, a band-aid, mouth wash, and chap stick.  Whether you’re feeling a little under the weather, tired or are taking photos on grass fields and don’t want to extend an invite to any bugs, you will be covered.  It’s nice when your friends think of it but for those who may be forgetful, make sure you have these small items stored nearby on the day of your dreams.

Don’t Go Hungry!

The food on your Wedding day will be delicious throughout your reception but with most receptions beginning later in the day and with the full day of activities before it begins, it can be tough to plan a solid meal into your day.  You may have reservations for lunch but you may also be having too much fun with the stylist.  Be prepared by packing some snacks that won’t be chewy (get stuck in your teeth) and will be clean/easy eats (don’t leave most of the flavor on your fingers that ends up everywhere else not long after… remember the Tide To-Go).  We recommend pretzels or bite sized energy bars that don’t melt easily.

So, you’re a survival expert now and ready for your nuptials at a wedding venue in Bucks County.  If the list is missing anything, hopefully it has you thinking about what you can add to it.  Pass it on to future brides and grooms to help make their day go as perfect as yours, and feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below!  Instead of learning from this once in a life time experience, make it perfect.