Love & Pinterest

Pinterest for Weddings

Pinterest is to Weddings as Facebook is to Friendship these days. It almost seems like you need both to make it official and while it might seem like an unnecessary addition, it can help you out a lot. There are so many small additions you can dream up for your big day and a site like Pinterest can help you make these dreams come true.

With each small addition comes the build-up to a grand finished product that will have your guests talking about how special an evening it was for them. Here are some simple things Pinterest will benefit you with when it comes time to planning your wedding and making decisions:

Check out the top wedding pins on Pinterest!

Photographers do an excellent job at capturing the moment and gathering individual groups together to take memorable photos. They are the experts but there is nothing wrong with spotting a cute picture of a couple on Pinterest and deciding to make it your own. The best pictures usually come naturally and in the moment so plan one out.  Pinterest is full of great photos capturing the moment and you might just find a must have between you and your partner.

Your guests come in contact with a lot of small touches throughout the event. Pinterest suggests some of the best ideas for this category from unique table numbers (every guest will be looking for these) to a picture of you and your loved one where they can sign and write notes to you such as “Thanks for selecting the Warrington.  This place is just amazing”. Having a signature drink? Chalk boards aren’t just for school. They’re a great way to convey messages to your guests about special items related to your wedding in Bucks County. Make it colorful and make it stand out.

You can have a lot of fun with the little things on Pinterest and most are geared to the DIY theme so gather your family, gather your friends and make it a fun night of arts and crafts with or without wine. Personal opinion?  I’m leaning towards this because “everything is better with wine” – a picture block on Pinterest.

Included in our wedding packages in Bucks County are credits to our florist and bakers we partner with so if you’re looking for unique centerpieces or searching for the right cake design Pinterest is full of great photos that can inspire your decision. Go to the meeting with photos and ideas to customize your wedding the way you want it. They will be happy to help you with design and create a one of a kind item just for you.

Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration and the link above will take you to the right place to begin your search. Want to see what we’re pinning? Check out our Pinterest page and use our collections to make your own board. Have some fun with it.

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