Wedding Reception Traditions Worth Keeping

Wedding Reception Venue Traditions

Couples have been saying “I do” for the past 5000 years according to The Huffington Post and with this history comes a lot of tradition.  We’d like to share with you which traditions our Brides kept and for good reasons.

Some Wedding Reception traditions include the formal introduction of newlyweds for the first time in public, a first dance, the decision the bride and groom make of what to do with their piece of the cake (be gentle), and the always popular Bouquet and Garter Toss to symbolize future celebrations to come from those eligible.

Downtime is one thing that doesn’t come with your Wedding day but that’s ok.  You gathered those closest to you in order to celebrate this significant moment in your life so the most important traditions to keep are those involving the entire group of friends and family, right? Right! At least according to our Brides.

Introductions & Toasts

Grand introductions are a great place to start.  Get the crowd into it and set the tone for the evening… We’re having a party!  The introductions flow right into the first dance and it’s a must on our list (guests avoid the bar for this moment).  While the attention is on you, it’s a good time to begin the toasts and blessing; add some comedy to the moment that has pulled on all your guests emotional strings.

Traditional Dances

Dances with mom and dad should commence after dinner service and be your way of opening up the dance floor to everyone who is present.  The DJ will handle this announcement and keep the energy going.

Bouquet & Garter Toss

Cake might slow things down a little but then comes the Bouquet and Garter Toss, which is a great social event for everyone to witness and some to take part in.  It’s a way of sharing your special moment and excites your family members of the next possible family gathering if a relative catches the lucky charm.

It’s key to include those special tradition’s but space them out so you and your guests aren’t overwhelmed with too much structure all at once.  It is a party after all and spontaneous is a lot of what makes a party fun.

When it comes to your wedding reception in Bucks County, these traditional and popular activities will fill your evening with enjoyable and memorable moments.  Embrace it all.