Wedding Apps Designed to Make Your Life Easier

bride with smartphoneThe rapid growth in markets surrounding the wedding industry have inspired some new conveniences for your wedding day. Here’s a look at some of the most popular wedding apps bound to work within your already busy schedule:

Zola Wedding Registry

Zola, a free app, allows you to create a personalized wedding registry to list the gifts you want. Ever find yourself shopping for someone else, standing in an isle and stuck between two options?

Zola solves this dilemma and creates a win-win for you and your guests as it takes the guessing game out of the equation. You get exactly what you want and your guests know they made the right decision. No gift receipts to hold onto and less time at the stores making returns so you can spend time with the one who matters most in your life. Thanks Zola!

Cluster Private Photo Sharing

Have a photographer for your event? Excellent, while this is a worthy investment to catch your biggest moments of the evening, what are all your friends and family up to? In this social world, documenting these events can only bring you laughter and joy to see all the fun people are having at your wedding reception.

Cluster, a free app, can help with that. Simply download the application, invite people to a group within the app and have them upload and share photos directly with you. Create a mobile memory with Cluster.

Honeyfund Registry

Looking to fund a honeymoon or a down payment on a house? Honeyfund is behind almost a half billion dollars sent to newlyweds for their dream houses, vacations, or savings. While you may be giving up a handwritten card and the surprising gift inside, Honeyfund has made the process of receiving gift money a lot more convenient and while not for all, it saves you time in this now fast paced world.

Think about making the gifting process convenient for you and your guests by considering the use of these applications. Here at the Warrington Country Club we look forward to making your day go just as smoothly.

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