Weddings on Holidays

Holiday Wedding Reception Venue in Bucks County

You’re on the game show Family Feud and you’re asked “what do people think about most when they hear the word, Holiday?”  You ring the button first and shout out “family and friends!”  You most likely guessed the number one and two responses on the survey board.  Interesting enough, it’s family and friends that make your wedding day extra special because what is a grand celebration without those closest to you involved?

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Best Ways to Announce your Engagement

engagement tips from a Philadelphia wedding venue

You’re engaged!  Your initial reaction is sincere excitement, flattery and shock, or you may be thinking “it’s about time. I have been so patient!”  Whatever you’re feeling at this moment will be unique to you, but the moment is always special.  So how do you want to share this memorable occasion with those closest to you?

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