Brides & Grooms to be: Best Places to Propose in Bucks County

Lake Nockamixon Bucks County Wedding Location

It’s the holiday season, a time for giving and a time to share some information with you about the perfect place to pop the question in the Bucks County area. When it comes to any decision, approaching the topic with knowledge and a general idea of what you’re looking for will help you reach a satisfying conclusion quicker.

Beautiful locations such as the ones listed below will give you confidence you have selected the perfect setting to ask those four special words. Let’s find the perfect spot for you to start a lifetime together. A place where you would like to hear that special person in your life say “yes!”


Lakes are intimate, picturesque landscapes filled with the calming sounds of nature and are the essence of a romantic setting making it the ideal place for such an event. Lake Nockamixon, located in Nockamixon state park, is surrounded by trails conveniently located near the shoreline. This location hosts many quiet areas giving you the opportunity to plan the moment just as you imagined it.


Tyler State Park is home to Schofield Ford Bridge, one of the few covered bridges in the area. This landmark was originally assembled in 1873 before it’s destruction over a century later.  It stands today due to the significance it carried with local citizens who reassembled it to the original specifications. The story behind the existence of the bridge itself is romantic so why not keep to the theme and begin your journey here.

Wineries & Vineyards

Wineries are full of nature’s aromas, a warming decor, and sensible scenery perfect for your proposal. Out of all the locations listed, nothing combines nature with the human element of celebration like a winery. Looking to make your proposal seem natural and effortless (something you’re so sure you want the execution is flawless)? Then consider the Bucks County Wine Trail and take a tour of the Sand Castle Winery. This setting will compliment your proposal with its own bit of genius.

After you pick the perfect place to propose, celebrate with the right venue. Call the Warrington Country Club to book an appointment, or visit us online to request a date for your wedding,