Vow Writing Quotes & Tips

wedding vows at Warrington Country Club

“I promise to make the meatloaf and turkey sandwiches just the way you like it.”

Vow writing can be difficult when struggling with a place to begin, but as you see from the quote above mentioned by a Bride in September here at the Warrington Country Club, speaking about a topic familiar to only the bride, groom, and close friends and family is what vows should be about.

Vows are a great place to share specific attributes you find most unique about your relationship with one another to those closest to you.  Many couples will use this time to set the tone for the evening.  It is a celebration.  This is the time to let everyone know what you will personally be embracing on your wedding day.

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Expanding the Bar: Goose Island IPA & Seasonal Sangria

arbor-room-barBig beer companies may be struggling, but craft beer is a booming business. According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of small, independent brewers has doubled in the last five years.

For venues that host weddings, this is both an opportunity and a problem. Wedding venues have always tried to offer more recognizable brands such as Coors (“The Banquet Beer”) or Budweiser. While these options are certainly popular, the spectrum of flavors they offer is limited.

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