Asking “How Do I Choose?” at Your Bucks County Wedding

Bucks County wedding venuesBy now you have probably realized that there are so many considerations to be made that have a big impact on your wedding day. Never mind the venue, cake, and dress; I am talking about the things that don’t immediately cross your mind when you think about your Bucks County wedding, yet there are still very important.

There are many difficult decisions to be made before the big day, so hopefully our insights can help you answer that same question you have probably asked many times throughout this process: “How do I choose?”

How Do I Choose?…

My Choice of Entrees

As an all-inclusive wedding venue. the Warrington Country Club strives to have a menu that is full of delicious entrees.  We have a wide selection of beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian options for you to choose from as well as a whole page of hors d’ouevres for you to pick from.  They all sound so delicious and it is hard to pick.

You want to please your guests by picking something you think most of them will enjoy, but you also want something that you love.  I would recommend that you pick something that is not overly out of the ordinary, something a little more recognizable, but yet something that people don’t get the opportunity to have all the time.  Ask for recommendations as well.

When choosing your individual meal for your Bucks County wedding, make sure you and your fiance both pic different entrees.  That way, you can split it and share, and have the best of both worlds as you have your first romantic dinner as a married couple!

My Colors and Theme

When it comes to colors and theme, think about your interests and what you like.  If you really like the color blue, then go with blue.  Do not worry about what your bridal party will have to wear, such as making the guys wear purple or pink.  If that is your favorite color and makes you happy, then choose it and the groomsmen will embrace the look.

As far as the theme, it is sometimes cool to do a theme that relates to your interests.  Perhaps you love going to the beach with your fiance; so then do a shore theme.  Maybe you love the outdoors and country life, so then do a rustic-chic look.  Be creative and search for ideas all over the internet.  The possibilities are endless, and here at the Warrington, we have seen it all.

My Decorations

Decorations can fall into place after you choose your theme and colors.  I always find it nice when I see decorations that are homemade.  Not only does it add a personal flare and touch, it also can save you money.

Make wooden signs with your names and wedding date painted on.  Use pictures of you and your fiance in creative ways.  Place votive candles around the venue to give it an elegant and cozy look and feel.  Whatever you do, make it reflect you, and I am sure that it will be just perfect!

The Wedding Song

There are sooo many good love songs out there from generations ago til now.  How can anyone pick just one song for their first dance.  This song will always be known as your wedding song and every time you hear it in the future, it will evoke memories of your wedding day.

This sounds like a lot of pressure in picking the perfect song.  My suggestions to you would be to find a song with purpose.  If there was ever a time while you were dating that you said “this is our song,” throw that into the list of possibilities. Perhaps a song was playing in the car on your first date or on the day or your engagement.  Whatever you chose, make sure the song means something to you and has sentimental value.  Don’t worry too much about it though, because you can still have all of the songs that you love but just didn’t quite make the cut, played throughout the reception.

Hopefully, these insights will be beneficial to you and aid you in your decisions as you plan your Bucks County wedding.  We wish you the best of luck and a great wedding day!