Wedding Trends of 2015: What We’ve Seen at the Warrington

wedding trends of 2015Having trouble deciding on the look and feel of your wedding? Perhaps you don’t even have a theme picked out?

From centerpieces to card baskets, table seating cards to personal decoration ideas, here at the Warrington we quickly get a sense of what is trending in the wedding industry. Hopefully these ideas will spark some creativity within you for your big day!


It’s always a good idea to have a theme for your wedding, and many couples, of course, choose a theme based on their interests. For a really nice beach theme, for example, decorate with sea shells, treasure chest card boxes, and various shades of blue. The rustic chic theme has been trending lately — think burlap, wooden signs, window pane seating charts, and bird cages for cards. Downton Abbey themes with elegant and vintage decorations are also popular. What will be your theme?

Cake Toppers

Couples are steering away from the traditional kissing-bride-and-groom cake topper. Instead, cake toppers are better reflecting the couples’ interests, hobbies, and relationships with one another. A recent cake topper for a beach/boating themed wedding at the Warrington had the groom with a fishing rod, casting a line out to his bride below.  We’ve even had Mickey and Minnie Mouse for a Disney themed wedding. Find something that captures you and your spouse; it makes for a great keepsake after you cut the cake!

DIY Decorations

There is no sense in spending a lot of money on decorations, yet you still want your wedding venue to look elegant. Many brides are making a lot of their own decorations in order to save money. Get together with your bridal party or family and have Decoration Days where you sit down and make all of the decorations and accessories that bring your wedding full circle. It’s a great way to get your family and friends involved with your big day. It also adds a very cute and personal touch to your wedding!

Mason Jars

Mason jars with candles make for great decorations to set around tables. Dress them up with some lace or ribbons to tie in with your theme.

Bottles for Table Numbers

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of weddings with bottles for decorations. Spray paint them with your wedding colors and assign each a number to use for your table numbers. Open them up and put in lovely fresh flowers to dress them up and place around the venue.

Lace, Cork and Burlap

Add a little lace to any decoration to dress it up and give it that dainty wedding look. Cork is also very popular to tie around decorations for a more country-style look and feel. Many couples are also making burlap signs to wrap around their cake table or sweetheart table with the words “Mr. and Mrs.” on them.  All of these things help to tie in your decorations with your theme.

Wooden Decorations and Signs

Decorations made of wood have been extremely popular for the past couple of years. We’ve seen a lot of uniquely creative examples, including signs carved with the important dates of a couple’s love story, and signs carved with the bride and groom’s initials. Another recurring trend we’ve seen involves using round slabs of wood from a tree trunk to put underneath the floral centerpieces. Couples are also using wood for their table seating cards. The ideas are endless, and it’s always inspiring to see what people come up with!

Fingerprint Guest Books

One of the latest trends is to step away from the traditional guestbook where everyone signs their name. Couples are now starting to use ‘wedding tree’ guest books, in which guests add their fingerprints along the tree and sign their name if they wish. This tree then becomes a great decoration in the newlyweds’ homes.

Social Media

Weddings are now being shared more and more with the use of social media. Everyone has Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, and are able to put them to especially good use on the day of the wedding. “Oh Snap” signs in a picture frame are extremely common. These signs tell the guests to take pictures and hashtag them so that they can see all of the pictures that were taken. Social media apps, are also commonly used by brides to get decorating ideas and wedding dress inspiration. With the click of a mouse, brides can see endless possibilities when it comes to planning out their special day.

Future Trends?

Lately, we’ve been noticing some different and unusual ideas at weddings that, surprisingly enough, are starting to become more and more popular. Examples include:

Multiple Wedding Dresses: Some brides are changing after their wedding ceremony into a more fun and short wedding dress to enter into their cocktail hour and reception. This enables them to move around more freely and dance the night away.

Groom’s Cakes: Instead of just having one traditional wedding cake, it’s becoming more and more common for grooms to have their own cake as well. This cake is normally reflective of their hobbies, and is a fun and uniquely decorated cake.  Whether it be cut in the shape of an automobile, decorated with the logo and colors of his favorite sports team, or dressed up to look like a tuxedo, a groom’s cake is definitely a new and exciting trend. The possibilities are endless!

Hopefully all these ideas have sparked some inspiration within you to start planning out your own big day. Make your day special unique to you while incorporating any of these latest trends!