A Brief History of June Weddings

June has arrived already, and with that flip of the calendar page comes a whole lot of weddings. Many people associate June with being the most popular month to get married, but do they know the history behind it?

Everything's better when you share it with friendsGetting married in June dates all the way back to Roman times and the goddess Juno. Juno is considered the protector of women as well as the goddess of marriage. Because of this, June weddings were thought to bring the bride good luck.

From a more practical standpoint, June was when people took their annual baths. Sure, one bath a year seems gross now, but back then that was their way of life. Therefore, it made sense to get married in June when the couple and their guests were showered and cleaned up. Some people even say that the flowers helped to mask the odor. Also, people planned their weddings in June so that they could have their first baby the following spring. That way they would be able to help out with the fall harvest afterwards.

Of course, none of the above reasons are relevant to today’s marriages. So why is June still such a popular wedding month?

One reason is that brides love getting married outside with a beautiful landscape and flowers surrounding them. June provides the best opportunity to have a sunny day that isn’t overly hot, unlike so many days in July and August. Also, many people can take vacation days in the summer in order to travel to weddings.

This year at the Warrington Country Club, many couples are tying the knot in June. We are excited and honored to be a part of their big day. Will we be a part of yours?