Summer News From The Warrington: New Venue and Same Sex Weddings

Warrington Country Club New Gazebo

The beautiful new outdoor venue at the Warrington Country Club.

As summer moves in, bringing longer days, sunnier afternoons, and the vibrant colors of nature in full bloom, we at the Warrington Country Club are always looking for new ways to give your special day just that little extra sparkle that means so much. And that goes for everyone, as the Warrington celebrates advances in marriage equality by officially declaring availability as a venue for same sex weddings.

New Outdoor Venue

Our latest addition to the Warrington comes just in time to let you take full advantage of the beautiful summer weather. Now your wedding ceremony can be held outside, in the beauty of our lush garden, providing a connection to the growth and vitality of the natural world as you, like the garden, grow into a new stage of your life. Our newly landscaped grounds form a perfect backdrop not only for photography and video, but also for the fragile, priceless memories you’ll carry away.

As always, our staff is ready to work with you to make sure your garden wedding has all the elegance you could hope for. Our complimentary wedding organizer service has experience dealing with the unique planning requirements of an outdoor wedding, so you can let go of worry and focus on enjoying yourself.

And should the weather decline to cooperate, the garden is right next to an indoor reception area, convenient for taking cover from those unexpected summer showers.

Same Sex Wedding Facilities

The Warrington Country Club is proud that Pennsylvania has now joined the many other states that allow same sex marriage. We at the Warrington pride ourselves on being an inclusive business, and we’re glad to finally be able to serve the lesbian and gay members of our community. Whether you’re formalizing a relationship of decades or celebrating a newer union, we have everything you need to make your wedding as special as you deserve.

From our grand Wedgewood Ballroom to intimate cocktail rooms, not to mention the garden venue, the Warrington Country Club provides space for events of all sizes, from as few as 50 to as many as 300 guests. Moreover, our wedding packages include a range of amenities, from centerpieces to catering, to spare you the stress of dealing with more than one service. Need some help planning? Our expert organizers will be happily on call to help you all the way through the event. Looking for a good deal? Ask about our discount packages.

Overall, if you’re looking for same sex wedding facilities in the Philadelphia or Bucks County areas, you can’t do much better than the Warrington, so schedule an appointment to tour the grounds and get started.