Wedding Reception Planning is as Easy as Drag and Drop

So you’re engaged?! Congratulations!!

There’s so much to consider as you make plans for spending your lives together: Where will we live? How should we divide the household chores? How can we possibly have Great Aunt Arlene and Babcia Olga in the same reception room together without words being exchanged or cake being tossed into each other’s perfectly teased and sprayed hair?

Reception seating arrangements has long been a source of concern and frustration for many a bridal couple. Striking that delicate balance between honoring particular guests with preferable seating, while being thoughtful regarding physical needs of elderly or infirmed guests, AND making sure that the “cool” people sit together, is the holy grail of wedding planning. Many a pencil eraser has been sacrificed attempting to set this plan into motion.

Now, thanks to the many wedding planning software choices available (some even free of charge), seating arrangements, as well as many of other challeneges inherent in arranging the most important day in a couple’s life, is as easy a click and drag.

Just a few tasks that are now easily organized by using wedding software are:

  • Contacts – Organize the guest list, track e-mail addresses, names of guests invited by your contacts, meals and gifts and more efficiently.
  • Invitations – customize wording according to your preferences. A unique RSVP ID can be assigned to each invitation and printed on the back of the RSVP for identification purposes in case guests do not write their names on the RSVP.
  • RSVPs– record all acceptances and regrets and compile into an attendees file.
  • Seating Arrangements – Design a seating chart with table layout features. Seating guests is like a puzzle, and creating a table layout can be like a game with seating arrangement software. Assign attendees to tables using drag-and-drop capabilities, playing with possible seating scenarios. Customizing placecards is then a snap using the software.
  • Gifts – Track engagement and wedding gifts, gift giver information, and document if and when the thank you note was sent.
  • Vendors – Many business and professionals service the average wedding. It is important to keep vendor information organized to ensure that wedding specifics are handled smoothly and professionally. Store contracts with the photographer, caterer and facilities, track floral orders, bridal salon information, sign for and receive deliveries, etc.

Taking advantage of the powerful planning tools available through wedding organizing software may not prevent Arlene and Olga from rehashing the infamous Thanksgiving incident of 1982, but it does put you on top of the many tasks that are sure to come your way when arranging your special day.

Remember, any wedding held at the Warrington Country Club includes an experienced, knowledgeable wedding coordinator who will assist you, your family and guests in having a trouble-free memorable day.  Contact us for more information on a Bucks County Wedding Reception or Call us at (215) 343-1630.



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We love sharing these stories!

We had the most amazing night! Thank you for the fantastic service at our wedding! We’ve gotten so much positive feedback about the hall & décor, the food and the staff. You made everything go so smooth. Everything was set perfectly. It was a pleasure planning with you Linda!
~Megan & Tony

Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding, Linda. You are truly amazing! We received nothing, but compliments on everything – The Warrington Country Club, their food, the service. It was a pleasure working with you.
~Trish & Kevin

Dear Linda,
Well we’ve finally caught our breath after Lauren and Corey’s July 7th wedding. We wanted to send you a note to share our appreciation to you and your staff before and during Lauren’s wedding.

From the beginning you were professional and helpful. Sharing ideas and details was very helpful to all of us as we haven’t held a wedding in a venue in Pennsylvania.

In addition the food was fabulous! I wish we could have spoken to your chef that night to express our compliments. We had the salmon, which rated above even the most expensive of restaurants in the area. We have had countless compliments on the food from guests from both sides of the wedding party.

We would also like to highlight the personal attention you gave to both myself and Bob. You told the bartender that the Father of the Bride did not wait in line for a drink and ushered him right to the front. You also checked in with me several times throughout the night to make sure all was going well.

Finally we would like to thank you for doing such a super job with setting up the Candy Buffet. That was the one thing I was worried about. I spent hours and hours researching ideas, collecting jars, decorating materials and candy, and mock setting up. It looked fabulous! I got a real kick out of seeing seven-year-olds and seventy-year-olds lined up with their bags to choose their candy.

The whole evening was amazing. Each small event was seamless and went so smoothly. We can’t thank you enough!

Beth and Bob