Wacky Wedding Fads

Any follower of our Warrington County Club blog can attest that we are especially fond of writing about the elegant Bucks County weddings we revered for. We are proud to be known throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties as the premier venue for a memorable and classy indoor or outdoor wedding.

Today however, we will break from tradition and focus on wedding ideas and current fads that, well… break from tradition.

  1. Photo Booths: That’s right, just like the ones found in dime stores, movie theaters and amusement parks that couples have captured themselves smooching in for decades. These “voyeurs in a box” had fallen out of favor over the past decade since the revolution of digital (thus instant gratification) photography. Photo booths have recently enjoyed resurgence in popularity however with the advent of some modern twists. For example, guests are provided fun props to try on and vogue with. In addition to the predictable strip of photos that guests will receive as a personalized favor, the modern version allows guests to record a video message to the bride and groom, which will be delivered to the couple on a DVD after the event.
  2. No Kids Allowed: Many engaged couples are opting to embrace the youngsters in their lives and including them as guests to their celebration. This may be because more couples are blending families, or maybe because couples want guests with children to feel welcomed, or may be because kids are simply magnificent on the dance floor. In any case, kids are “in”. Subsequently, arrangements are being made to keep the pint-sized guests active and engaged. This can include an elaborate (and tastefully done!) arts and crafts table, complete with everything a pint-sized party-Picasso can need. Instead of elaborate centerpieces, the couple can opt for stickers, colored pencils and crayons. Of course, in lieu of the open bar, tikes can frequent the mini candy buffet and get their sugar on.
  3. The After-Party: Not unlike the post Oscar party, no one likes to see a monumental day come to an end, which is why after-wedding parties has become the rage. Once the traditional reception comes to a close, the room is transformed into a different kind of space for Act Two of the main event. There are many examples of “venue within a venue” ideas. For example, a cozy lounge effect can be created and the resilient guests “transported” into an after-hours club, complete with karaoke. Guests can be encouraged bring along informal wear and enjoy a late night latte in a “coffeehouse” atmosphere with jazz music. Some couples are looking to kick-back and enjoy an informal pizza party with their closest family and friends. After party ideas are limited only to a couple’s imagination.

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