Ideas For Bibliophile Brides Planning A Bucks County Wedding

[bib-lee-uh-fahyl, -fil]
a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual
printing, binding, or the like.

Bibliophile brides-to-be, rejoice!!

According to Brides Magazine, the joy and whimsy of a day filled with type-set panache is easily achievable for those with the “write” stuff. With just a little creativity, poetic license and a novel approach, you can create an impression about your Bucks County Wedding that will imprint on your guests forever (I’ll stop now…).

Typography-inspired ideas to “copy” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) include:

  • Personalized paper placements that highlight you and your betrothed special milestones (when and where you met, mutual hobbies and activities, favorite music, inside jokes, etc.)
  • Everything is more special when it’s monogrammed!!! Banish the ordinary program and make yours burst off the page with a custom logo and colorful designs in all the fonts of the rainbow.
  • Get your guests in on your obsession with all things “words” by positioning an old-school dictionary (remember them?) and colorful pens in a conspicuous place at your outdoor wedding venue. Ask your guests to circle meaningful words and share their thoughts with you about your special day.
  • Decorate your cake with the lyrics of “your song”, a favorite poem, bible excerpt, your vows or any other collection of words that defines your love.
  • Spell out the menu, bar or music selections by gluing Scrabble® tiles onto a large wooden or metal tray and prop on an easel for all to see.
  • Spell out your love in every language – cookies customized with the word universally understood to be “all you need”.  Amor, Amour, Liebe, Amore — your guests will know that you are a serious romantic — with a love for words!!