The Wedding Ceremony / Wedding Reception

    • For convenience and cost, more brides are choosing to have their wedding ceremony and reception at the same site.
    • More couples are color blocking by contrasting complementary bold and bright. Choosing a solid color like pink or purple for a bouquet or centerpiece and pairing it with black and white linens to create a clean formal look.

Bucks County Wedding Venue - Colored Lights Wedding Reception Trend for 2012

  • Vintage chandeliers and candelabras with crystals are in, as are candles and colored lights.
  • Couples are seeking to provide their guests with a fun laid-back personal reception.

Warrington Country Club Wedding Ceremony Special available now thru June 2012.  Contact us for more information or call 215-343-1630. We schedule appointments 7 days a week.

Wedding Day Tips for the Bride

To make sure your wedding day goes easily, here are some easy tips to insure you are prepared and to minimize any impending catastrophes:Bride at the Warrington Country Club

  1. Dress the bride first. Most people dress the bride last so everyone is there to help. If plans start to run behind it will be the bride who is in a rush to get dressed. By dressing the bride first, she can get ready at her own pace, feel relaxed and have time to make any adjustments.
  2. Wear a Shirt – when you are having your hair styled on your wedding day. Many brides wear a t-shirt, and then have to struggle to get it over their newly styled hair.
  3. If you have a dress that goes over your head, put a pillowcase or a silk shirt over your head. This enables your dress to slide on more easily avoiding the possibility of ruining your hairstyle and preventing you from getting any make-up on it.
  4. Remove labels on the underside of your shoes. This can be a time-consuming job best done before your wedding day.
  5. Do not worry too much about everybody else on your day – enjoy your wedding! Do not dwell on any minor mishaps that may occur. Rather laugh at them and enjoy yourself. Remember the reason you are there is to become husband and wife.

Any wedding held at the Warrington Country Club includes an experienced, knowledgeable wedding coordinator who will assist you, your family and guests in having a trouble-free memorable day.  Contact Us for more information and to check Available Dates: Phone: 215-343-1630.