Wedding Reception Venue Checklist

When we talk of a Checklist, we refer to a list of things that concern the choice of your wedding venue. Perfect weddings do not happen by chance but because all of the preparations were thought out in great detail.

Things you should never forget to consider:

Bucks County Wedding Venue - Outdoor CeremonyWedding Venue Budget

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and do everything to recreate that dream. Unfortunately, this could cause great devastation to your finances. So go easy and see if your dream wedding venue, in addition to all the other wedding considerations, truly fit your budget. You need to make some tough decisions.

Battling unwanted weather through preparation

You should also be prepared for any weather mishaps. Often couples become so wrapped up with the many wedding details that they sometimes forget simple things like considering the weather. Create alternative plans if the weather does not go like the way you want it.Bucks County Wedding Venue-Decorated Ballroom

Scheduling and Dates

Date is an important factor for making any event successful.

Supplies, Props, Equipment

When you are working with your planner you should check availability of a list of needed supplies and equipment.

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Wedding Ring Sets

Wedding ring sets can be the perfect choice for couples who want a matching set of wedding rings.

There are advantages of purchasing wedding ring sets:

  • Cost effective. Generally buying your wedding rings as a complete set will cost less
  • Match. Although the groom’s wedding ring may be a bigger version of the bride’s. Today’s wedding ring sets can include wedding rings that need not be identical, but share a common theme.

Disadvantages of purchasing wedding ring sets:

  • May be too fancy / not fancy enough. Say the bride is hoping for plenty of swirls and bling while the groom is hoping for a chunky black ring. By incorporating part of the bride’s design as a highlight in the groom’s wedding ring could be subtle and pull them both together.
  • May not suit both the bride and groom’s lifestyle. Daily requirements for both the bride and groom can also be a challenge. However, there are metals now that can endure rigorous physical and chemical challenges. Such metals include titanium, tungsten and ceramic.
  • Matching other jewelry. A couple may feel they are going to be stuck with the same color metal when one might like stainless steel and the other rose gold. There are many wedding ring styles that incorporate more than one metal or more than one color.

Wedding ring sets are a great way for couples wanting matching wedding rings. Today the contemporary spin on wedding ring sets is that they can share a common theme or metal, still resulting in wedding rings that are perceived as a match.


First Things First When Planning Your Wedding

Top Things you need to do when you first get engaged:

  1. Plan an engagement party
  2. Pick your wedding date
  3. Set your budget
  4. Find your reception site
  5. Find a Wedding Dress
  6. Make a Wedding Website
  7. Start a Guest List

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