Best Accounting Software For eBay Sellers 2023 Review

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For example, if you sell a bicycle that you paid $500 for two years ago for $350 on eBay, you usually don’t have to notify the IRS—and you can’t claim a loss on it. If you use the site to get rid of household articles you’ve used in the past, you may qualify for “occasional garage or yard sale” treatment. According to the IRS, if your online auction sales are the Internet equivalent of an occasional garage or yard sale, you generally do not have to report income from bookkeeping for ebay sellers those sales. If you are subject to backup withholding at the time of the order, eBay is required to backup withhold and remit the withholding to the respective states. Once the withholding is remitted to the IRS or the states, eBay cannot legally refund it, even if the order is returned. If you continue to sell on eBay, but do not provide a valid TIN, eBay will need to continue to block your payouts until backup taxes are withheld or you provide a valid TIN.

TurboTax provides the best support for reporting cryptocurrency transactions, though all sites we tested allow it. Liberty Tax might appeal to taxpayers who have used it before and don’t want to deal with learning a new website. It might also be a good choice for current in-person clients of Liberty Tax who want to save some money by trying to do their taxes on their own. It’s more expensive than Jackson Hewitt, though, and it lacks a state-of-the-art interface.

Best for Budget-Conscious Tax Filers

How and where you enter your business or personal name on a W-9 depends on the type of business you’ve set up. The B Notice is sent to you through regular mail, but you can fill out an electronic W-9 and update your account here. If you’ve submitted your W-9 online, there’s no need to send us a Form W-9 through the mail. You can find more information about B Notices and the requirements eBay has to comply with in IRS Publication 1281.

  • With regards to sales tax however, rules are still evolving and changing frequently, so the best place to verify any information you find online is the official sites for each state.
  • Since taxes are nothing but sensitive data, you ought to be doubly concerned if you’re filing from a coffee shop, say, or the airport.
  • Some localities charge an additional sales tax on top of the state-imposed tax, but eBay only lets you set sales tax rates for the entire state.
  • The IRS estimates that 70% of all taxpayers qualify for the program, but only a small percentage of taxpayers have used it.
  • For more detailed information on these, select the guides linked above.
  • As of July 1, 2021 a total of 46 jurisdictions require the collection of sales tax.

10 Minute Accounts is accounting software designed for eBay sellers. The price of accounting software for eBay sellers will depend on how many transactions you handle each month. Simple solutions have starting prices range from $30 one-time to an on-going subscription cost of $50/month. EBay sellers can be an individual trying to pawn off a single item, or a large eCommerce operation with a brick and mortar store and hundreds of employees. Many businesses find success in having their online storefront on eBay. The eBay economy has over 6 million sellers that employe more than 690,000 people worldwide.


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