Our People

What sets us apart? Bold Management, Fresh Quality Food, Devoted Staff

The day is approaching, be it a wedding, a banquet, a surprise party, retirement dinner, or business luncheon meeting. The day is loaded with details. The very first thing that you come to grips with is this: You simply cannot give the “The Day” the attention it needs and deserves without professional assistance. But to whom do you entrust with this task? Sure, the folks at every catering facility you have visited have promised to pay close attention to every request. One of the caterers said he would assign “his top man” to personally supervise your affair. Frankly, why couldn’t he handle it? Details, details, details. The number of guests, the size of the buffet, selections from the menu, beverages, color of the linens, photographs, arrangements for the tables, head table seating… And of course, quality and quantity. You do not just want plenty of food, you want plenty of good food. There is a difference! Let the experienced and dedicated staff at The Warrington handle everything for you and find out why couples, families, neighbors, organizations, businesses, and corporations continue to book their events at our celebration facility in Bucks County every year.

Executive Chef, Freshly Prepared Food

What about the food? How many times have you been to an elegant affair where every detail imaginable was handled creatively and efficiently, but the food was bland?

The Warrington Country Club features our Executive Chef, John Smola,  whom takes pride in his excellent food and commitment that we have to quality, the ingredients of which The Warrington is famous for by their clientele.  The food at The Warrington is freshly prepared and we specialize in the perfect fusion of color, taste, and presentation.

The Warrington is known for their Italian and American Cuisine, but the dynamic talents of our chef allow for many menu customizations that suit you and your guests.

Bold Management, Devoted Staff

The management at The Warrington is focused on providing the very best service they can to each and every customer. We pride ourselves on developing quality packages at affordable prices and meeting the needs of our customers. The management team comes from a diverse background with several members being with The Warrington from the beginning and others bringing a new contemporary sense to the way that we do catering.  Contact our management team Fallyn, Tyler, Kathy, or Ryan for any information about weddings & other special events at the Warrington Country Club.

Our people are naturals in customer service. The Warrington includes a very competent staff that is never afraid to roll up their sleeves and go to work for a customer. The employees at The Warrington are schooled, professional, and very dedicated.

Behind the hard work and dedication of management and an experienced staff of planners, event coordinators, chefs, kitchen and service personnel, our celebration facility has become one of Bucks County’s premier caterer’s.  Give us a call today at 215-343-1630 or email us.

The Warrington offers Sit-Down, Station, and Buffet Menus for any type of event: Weddings, Corporate Events, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Business Meetings, Cocktail Parties, Breakfast Luncheons, Anniversary Parties, Birthdays, Sweet 16’s, Holiday Parties, School Banquets/Functions, Sports Banquets, Bridal/Baby Showers, Retirement Parties… You name it we can do it!

Experience… Exceptional Service, Food, Events … Experience The Warrington!